If you’ve read my previous columns, you know that as human beings, we are all born with certain rights of consciousness. Believe it or not, one of these rights is to be healthy. This is precisely why health and wellness are so very important to us as people. We are actually entitled to them. But even though we are naturally supposed to be healthy, we do things in various forms to create an unhealthy environment within ourselves (physically, mentally, and spiritually), which inevitably takes a toll on us. Essentially, any disease we experience is an attack from outside. It is not the absence of good health. The wonderful news is that good health is there. You just have to use four key components to find it.

The four elements of your health are the physical body, breath, the mind, and consciousness. All four of these pieces are interconnected and working in harmony. When just one is unbalanced, it can throw off your whole sense of health. Your physical body is most often where health is reflected, and there are many reasons why it could be out of whack. By figuring out which component (or components) are not being adequately cared for, you can very simply improve your health.

First, there are, of course, problems that can start in the physical body and manifest there. If you are not eating well, you will likely feel the physical effects of that. If you eat a balanced diet, it will reflect in your body and you will feel healthy. If you don’t exercise that’s going to reflect as a bad habit on your body, too. If you do exercise, you’ll reap the physical and mental benefits.

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Another problem could be that your breath is not balanced. Breath not only supports the body, but it is also the link between the mind and the body, as you probably know if you have ever practiced meditation or mindfulness. This is why we practice pranayama breathing—to balance and deepen the breath to nourish the body and connect it to the mind. If you have a balanced breath, a deep breath, and enough oxygen in the body, you will feel great at an energetic level. You will also feel that your body is harmonious with the mind, and the mind with the body.

If your mind is not in a peaceful space, then it can also have an impact on your physical body. You have probably heard of psychosomatic symptoms, or physical symptoms that originate in the mind. One single thought process is capable of causing a physical reaction in your body, and also in the energy field of the body. So the more pure and positive your thoughts are, the healthier you will feel. A great example of this is when someone is truly depressed, you can often tell in their body language, their face, and overall aura. Their mental state is very clearly being played out in a physical way. There is growing scientific evidence that shows that your mental state really does affect your health. In fact, research has demonstrated that stress can contribute to all kinds of health problems, ranging from heart conditions to chronic disease-related inflammation. If you can cultivate a positive frame of mind and mostly healthy, peaceful, tranquil, and compassionate thoughts, then your body will feel aligned.

The most powerful part of this four-part system to have a connection with is your consciousness, and the way we form that connection is by looking inward. When you enhance your consciousness and its flow through techniques like meditation or other spiritual practices, it automatically creates that mind shift toward peace and positivity. Simply put: If your consciousness is in a good place, then your mind is in a good place. If your mind is in a good place, then your breath is in a good place. If your breath is in a good place, then your body is in a good place. And you don’t have to just take my word for it. Scientific research is beginning to show that meditation and mindful practices may do everything from boost the immune system to help decrease blood pressure.

If you don’t do the things humans are supposed to do to keep our bodies in the best shape and form—eat healthy, exercise, breathe well, meditate—then it is going to invite an unwanted and unnatural scenario: illness. If you look to the yogis in India who are living their lives by taking special care of these four components, you’ll see that they are generally disease-free and live long, healthy lives. At the age of 100, they’re still doing yoga and are mentally very strong with zero stress. Of course, not everyone is going to live like that, but you can see the advantages of paying attention to these four key components of your health.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming, don’t be discouraged. The starting point for healing yourself can be as simple as just starting to do pranayama. Proper breathing can heal a person and heal the body. It is really magnificent that humans have access to all these natural ways to get our health back. We will always have the power of health because we are born with it. Now, we just need to take the on the responsibility of not messing it up and rejuvenate ourselves from within as nature intended.