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Sharath Jois on Honoring Tradition

To know where you're going, you must first understand where you're coming from. Here's why following tradition is crucial for developing your individual spiritual path.

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A Meditation to Clear Your Karma

Karma is a word that is often used in the context of good or bad. This is an oversimplification of a very complex concept. The basis of karma may sound easy to grasp: It is…

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Why Money (and Other Things) Can’t Buy Happiness

There's no doubt that getting what you want feels good, but that sense of euphoria is always fleeting. Here's how to find a more lasting sense of happiness—no credit card needed.

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The Best Cure for Heartbreak

While it's fun to celebrate love this time of year, we can't neglect the equally important emotion of heartbreak, which is inevitable and comes in many forms. Here's how to recover and love again.

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4 Lessons We Learned from this New Book on Heartbreak

As exhilarating as love is, it can be equally devastating. In his new book "Love Hurts", Lodro Rinzler examines the painful side of l'amour and how to overcome heartache.

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How Do I Change Thought Patterns that Make Me Sad?

A psychologist and meditation teacher answers readers’ questions about life and practice. Here, he offers advice to a young man who is struggling with sadness and finding solace in unhealthy habits.

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Your February Horoscope—It’s Time to Re-evaluate

The February chart reveals that it's a good time to reassess certain aspects of your life and make necessary changes that will eventually lead you to happiness.

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Sharath Jois on the Importance of Having a Yoga Teacher

The right guru can help find your own spiritual path, both in your yoga practice and in your daily life.

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A Meditation for Unity

This six-minute guided meditation will help you feel more connected to your fellow Americans, including those who share opposing views, as we all work toward peace and positive change.

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The Meditative Magic of Tristhāna in Ashtanga Yoga

The secret to heightened clarity and peacefulness lies in how well you implement tristhāna. Done correctly and consistently, it can help you achieve a more meditative state in your daily life and practice.

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Working with Strong Emotions

As a new commander-in-chief takes office this January, Americans are experiencing mixed feelings about the future of this country. Whether you're excited or scared, here's how to use these strong sentiments as a way to connect more deeply with your body and mind to find inner peace.

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The Secret to Manifesting Your Dreams This Year

As you begin to work toward your 2017 goals, it's important to understand how much your karma plays a role in your success. Here's what you need to know to get what you want.

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I Live a Healthy Life. Why Am I Still So Consumed with Negativity?

A psychologist and meditation teacher answers readers’ questions about life and practice. Here, he offers advice to one woman trying to eliminate daily anxieties and insecurities so she can embrace worry-free living.

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How to Make Peace with Your Faults (and Those Who Point Them Out)

As hard as it can be to receive criticism, these moments can present opportunities for clarity, growth, and gratitude.

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Your January Horoscope Welcomes a Fresh Start!

The January chart reveals that this month will bring you rewards for your past efforts, and positive change, including more profitable work for all signs, in the new year.

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