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It’s Never Too Late to Learn Yoga

When an accident left Michael Fox with chronic pain, he turned to meditation and eventually Ashtanga yoga at age 58 to help him find physical and emotional relief.

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Returning to Yoga When Injured

We all face unexpected setbacks from time to time. Rather than let it stop you, try to find ways to overcome and carry on as this one woman did with the support of her yoga community.

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The Therapeutic Nature of the Aṣṭāṅga Yoga Primary Series

An examination of the significance of cikitsā vibhāga and the vital role this sequence plays in improving one's health as a foundation for yoga.

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The Perfect Way to Breath in Ashtanga Yoga

A simple overview of the essential breathing technique used in Ashtanga yoga.

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Sharath Jois on the Key Ingredients for Experiencing Yoga

After wrapping his 2017 U.S. tour, Sharath Jois tells us where to find the proper ingredients for a true yoga practice.

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Sharath Jois Visits NYC: The Last Leg of His U.S. Tour!

Paramaguru Sharath Jois completed his 2017 three-city tour in NYC, from May 26 to 31. See his final moments teaching Ashtanga in America here!

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Sharath Jois Visits UCLA—Check Out the Photos!

Two cities down, one more to go before Paramaguru Sharath Jois heads back to India. If you joined us in LA last week, check out our fun Facebook album. East Coasters, meet us in NYC for the final leg of the U.S. Tour!

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A Video Tribute to Sharath Jois and His U.S. Tour

This special video offers an in-depth look at why yoga students make the pilgrimage to study with Sri R. Sharath Jois and how he continues to be a shining example to practitioners from all over the world.

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Sharath Jois U.S. Tour Report: A Journey to Stanford to Start a Yoga Revolution

Why do yoga? While visiting Stanford University, Sharath Jois shares the simple reason and inspires a new mission: Well-being for all. Here, one student brilliantly relays this important message.

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Yoga Tutorial: Ūrdhva Dhanurāsana

Experience the fullness of this back-bending posture with insights from yoga master Sharath Jois.

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Sharath Jois Visits Stanford: See the Photos!

The first leg of Sharath Jois' 2017 three-city tour has wrapped. What an incredible week! We hope these photos from Stanford bring back wonderful memories for those who attended. The tour continues to UCLA next, then NYC!

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My Life as an Ashtanga Student in Mysore: Growing Pains

In this second installment of this essay series, writer Leslie Hendry shares how having self-awareness early on helped her develop her Ashtanga practice into something much more profound.

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The Unexpected Way Yoga Perfectly Pairs with Rock Climbing

As different as these two activities are, they can both offer transformative experiences that can help ground and reconnect you with yourself in the most wonderful ways as this one writer bravely discovered.

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What Is Sūryanamaskāra?

To experience the full benefits of yoga, it helps to have a thorough understanding of the practice of sūryanamaskāra. Read on to learn more about its significance.

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My Life as an Ashtanga Student in Mysore: Heard on “The Yoga Trail”

In this three-part essay series, advanced Ashtanga practitioner and writer Leslie Hendry shares an inside look at her experiences on a special yoga path and the important teachings she has learned along the way.

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