health benefits of yoga

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How to Use the Throat Lock in Yoga

Enhance your understanding of the subtle body and the bandha practice with this tutorial on the throat lock.

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A Basic Introduction to the Abdominal Lock in Yoga

Enhance your physical and mental stability when you become familiar with the power of the belly lock.

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What Makes Yoga Feel So Good?

Forget runner’s high. A yogi's high is what you want. Here's what you need to know about how to achieve feelings of zen.

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A Yoga Sequence for Sleep Hygiene

Build this relaxing yoga sequence into your daily practice to help promote a healthy sleep routine.

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Why Doctors Recommend Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients

Gentle exercise can work magic on the mind and body, especially when recovering from a serious illness. Here are four powerful yoga poses that will help you heal when you're ready to move again.

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A Yoga Sequence to Relieve Symptoms of PMS

Rebalance your body's hormones and ease symptoms of PMS with this supportive practice based on traditional yoga teachings.

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How Yoga Provides a Natural Energy Boost

Dive into the mechanics of how yoga can help increase not only physical fitness and emotional fortitude, but a natural sense of energy and power.

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