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Help Me Save This Friendship

It's hard to watch good friends consistently make bad decisions. Say something or walk away? Sonima's psychologist and meditation teacher offers a 3-step plan and guided meditation for compassionate communication.

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The Healing Power of Mantras

How a simple meditation tool can help you achieve harmony with the universe.

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3 Ayurvedic Tips to Release Summer Heat

Use these smart strategies and six-minute cooling meditation from our Just Sit Series, created by holistic health expert Lisa Hedley, to cool the body after a hot and hazy summer.

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Why Certain Emotions Make You Sleepy

Negative thoughts can leave you feeling wiped. Rather than fight or flight, you want to sleep. Here, Sonima's psychologist and meditation teacher offers a different approach to tackling emotional exhaustion.

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4 Questions to Ask a Meditation Teacher (Before You Commit)

When trying to find a meditation teacher, use these four essentials questions to vet potential candidates and confirm that you can truly benefit from their guidance and wisdom.

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The New Science Behind the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation master Sanjeev Verma reviewed the latest research on one of humankind’s oldest practices to share with you the most up-to-date evidence of the many ways it can improve your life.

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A 3-Minute Meditation for Dissolving Fear

Use this fast and simple guided meditation from Sanjeev Verma to help you through some of life's scary moments.

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A Meditation to Heal from Trust Issues

In this six-minute guided meditation, Sonima's meditation master Sanjeev Verma will help you start to break down the walls around your heart, so you can let others back in.

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Mindfulness vs. Meditation: What’s the Difference?

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but are, in fact, not the same. Here's a quick breakdown that can help you better define your own practices for yourself.

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Why Am I So Uncomfortable With Crying?

Sonima's psychologist and meditation teacher offers advice—and a 10-minute guided meditation—on how to sit with intense emotions and let tears cleanse rather than overwhelm you.

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3 Ways to Ease Anxiety During In-flight Turbulence

Use these Ayurvedic techniques and guided meditation from the Just Sit Series, created by holistic health expert Lisa Hedley, to help you feel calm and grounded at 30,000 feet.

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A Meditation for Finding Your Higher Purpose

Feel closer to understanding your greater purpose and the meaning of life in less than three minutes with the help of this guided meditation from Sanjeev Verma.

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5 Morning Rituals to Help You Rise and Really Shine

Build one healthy habit at a time, adding one of these Ayurvedic techniques to your morning routine every three days. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll start to feel more balanced and nurtured.

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3 Ayurvedic Approaches to Curing Sleeplessness

As part of our new Just Sit Series, holistic health expert Lisa Hedley shares Ayurvedic advice on how to catch quality shuteye if you find yourself staring at the ceiling far too often.

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Can You Heal Emotional Pain Through Bodywork?

Sonima's psychologist and meditation teacher carefully breaks down a step-by-step guide to help you begin facing and, eventually, letting go of past emotional trauma.

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