ritual inspiration

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Ritual Inspiration: Nichelle Hines

The charismatic Los Angeles-based fitness instructor opens up about the practices and philosophies that have shaped her journey over time.

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Ritual Inspiration: Entrepreneur Doug Evans

The founder of Juicero, a new device he hopes will change the way people consume fruits and vegetables, opens up about his personal practice and experiences.

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Ritual Inspiration: Sharon Salzberg

The renowned meditation teacher and writer shares details about her personal journey and practice, as well as the greatest insights she’s learned through the years.

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Ritual Inspiration: Scott Hagan, Barn Artist

This American artist has found a simple yet powerful outlet for expressing himself and contributing to the common good.

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Ritual Inspiration: Ayo Janeen Jackson

The dancer and choreographer shares details about the practices that enrich her life and help her grow.

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Ritual Inspiration: Sharmila Desai

The dedicated Ashtanga practitioner and teacher reveals how yoga has been intrinsic to her way of life, her approach to motherhood, and her personal evolution through the years.

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