Sanjeev Verma

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The Healing Power of Mantras

How a simple meditation tool can help you achieve harmony with the universe.

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A 6-Minute Meditation to Build Recollection Awareness

This six-minute mindfulness meditation can help you and your family improve your memory and awareness as you transition to go back to school and work this fall.

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Your September Horoscope Is a Huge Relief!

After last month’s cosmic upheaval (not one, but two eclipses), rest assured that your September horoscope promises better days ahead. Start counting your blessings now!

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Sign Up for this 9-Week Mindfulness Refresher for Fall

If you and your family are not feeling ready to go back to school and work, sign up to learn more about smart mindfulness techniques that may improve focus and drive for all.

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The New Science Behind the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation master Sanjeev Verma reviewed the latest research on one of humankind’s oldest practices to share with you the most up-to-date evidence of the many ways it can improve your life.

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A 3-Minute Meditation for Dissolving Fear

Use this fast and simple guided meditation from Sanjeev Verma to help you through some of life's scary moments.

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Your August Horoscope – Two Eclipses Shake Things Up!

Lunar and solar eclipses this August will throw off cosmic energy. Hold onto your hats, folks, it may be a bumpy ride, but you'll come out stronger in the end.

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A Meditation to Heal from Trust Issues

In this six-minute guided meditation, Sonima's meditation master Sanjeev Verma will help you start to break down the walls around your heart, so you can let others back in.

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Your Horoscope for July—Keep Your Cool!

Things are heating up for you this July, but that doesn't mean you should go crazy. Some self-restraint could prove beneficial during this gluttonous time of year.

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A Meditation for Finding Your Higher Purpose

Feel closer to understanding your greater purpose and the meaning of life in less than three minutes with the help of this guided meditation from Sanjeev Verma.

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The Spiritual Aspect of Health

Everyone has access to the path to wellness. If you've fallen off track, here are four simple ways to get back on course.

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Your June Horoscope Kicks Off Summer!

Summer may get off to a rocky start for some, while other signs will see smooth sailing. Whether you're facing good fortune or bad, make the most of every moment.

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A 5-Minute Meditation to Start Building Your Practice

New to meditating? Try Sonima's 3-month Meditation Challenge to build a daily practice from 5 to 15 minutes, starting with this easy, guided meditation from meditation master, Sanjeev Verma.

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A 10-Minute Meditation to Start Building Your Practice

For part two of Sonima's 3-month Meditation Challenge, meditation master Sanjeev Verma will help you double your mind-clearing practice from 5 to 10 minutes.

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Your May Horoscope—Victory Is Yours!

After a challenging few months, you will finally start to enjoy success this May. Stay the course and be patient. Your hard work and dedication will pay off.

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