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Adreanna Limbach

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Adreanna is a sufficiency-centered coach + meditation instructor that teaches women how to rally their resources so that they can expand their freedom in business and life.

As a coach, she’s mentored hundreds of aspiring coaches and do-gooders at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and catalyzes cohorts of tomorrow’s leaders in social change as an Executive Coach and faculty at The Institute for Compassionate Leadership.

As a meditation instructor, she teaches secular Buddhist studies and meditation at The Interdependence Project  in the heart and hustle of NYC, and served as a lead coordinator of the Meditation Working Group at Occupy Wall Street, bringing daily practice to the volunteers of Zuccotti Park in 2011. 

She’s based in Brooklyn, and believes that the process of creating meaningful work in the world is the perfect crucible for accessing our inherent worth, wisdom + resourcefulness.
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