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Before participating in any health-related program (e.g., diet programs, exercise programs) or using any health, diet or fitness goods or services that may be identified, described and/or made accessible on or through the Website, you should consult with your physician or other healthcare provider, particularly with respect to any questions or concerns you may have regarding any existing health condition. The Website and its content are not intended as substitutes for medical advice from a licensed physician or health care provider and it is important that the Website be used only conjunction with advice and guidance from such medical professionals. Sonima Wellness, LLC (“Sonima”), the owner and operator of the Website, and its employees and third party content-providers are not licensed medical practitioners, and have no expertise in advising on, diagnosing, examining, or treating medical ailments or conditions of any kind, or in determining whether any particular exercise or diet program is appropriate for you and your individual medical condition. You should never disregard medical advice provided to you by a licensed physician, and you should never delay seeking professional medical advice, based on or because of a statement you have read on the Website.

You acknowledge your understanding that health, diet and exercise advice is dependent on the health and condition of the individual recipient of the advice, and is subject to updating and refining due to the changing condition of the individual, as well as medical research and developments. You further acknowledge and agree that when participating in any diet or exercise promoted, described or otherwise referenced on the Website, and/or when using any health-related goods or services promoted, described or otherwise referenced on the Website, there is the possibility of physical harm or emotional harm, including death, and you assume any and all risk and responsibility for any such results.

Sonima makes no express or implied warranties as to the completeness, accuracy, or appropriateness for any purpose of any information or content contained in the Website. By using or accessing the pages of the Website, Sonima’s objective is to provide current information on the Website. However, Sonima makes no guarantee or assurance that the Website provides the most current or recent information on any particular subject.

If you know or suspect that you may be pregnant, have an eating disorder, have diabetes, or have any other physical or medical condition, it is imperative that you seek the advice of your physician before using the Website and before relying upon any of the statements contained therein. If you experience any discomfort or pain during a diet or exercise program, you must immediately cease the activity and seek the assistance of a licensed physician.


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