Perhaps you’ve heard someone proclaim: my mornings are sacred. This often means they have a morning ritual, a regular routine that starts the day, every day. Indeed, morning is a constant. Your schedule and responsibilities may vary wildly from day to day but every morning starts the same: you wake up. This consistent context is the best time and environment to create a new habit. What’s more, research shows that it’s the initiation of an exercise activity that solidifies the habit, not the execution. In other words, once you stand up and decide to exercise, the rest is more or less and automated follow-through. It is in the mornings that you set the tone, lay the foundation for the rest of the day. These three dynamic movements are designed to activate two major muscle groups (shoulders and hips) and get the blood pumping—releasing endorphins, the feel-good hormone. And if you have a calm, happy morning, you’re far more likely to have a calm, happy day. You’ll love the Shadow Boxing. It’s nearly impossible to pop around on your toes and box an imaginary opponent without a smile on your face!

Active Cows Face | 5x Per Side

  1. Put your feet fist-width apart and point them straight ahead; you may even pigeon-toe them slightly.
  2. Take your right arm towards the head and reach to the center of the back while you simultaneously bring your left arm up from the hip to the center of the back, getting the fingers as close to touching as possible.
  3. Return arms to their original position then repeat process with opposite arms, bringing the left to the center of the back from above, the right from beneath.


Active Squat | 5x

  1. Spread your feet just wider than your hips and point your toes straight ahead.
  2. Extend your arms directly in front of you, palms down.
  3. Drop your hips into the squat but keep your pelvis rolled forward so that there’s a small arch in your back—this arch is crucial!
  4. Slowly return to standing.


Shadow Boxing | 30 Seconds

  1. Stagger your legs with one foot forward, one foot back.
  2. Shuffle the feet and switch foot position consistently.
  3. Simultaneously throw punches with alternating fists, keeping your hands up near the head.