Exercise can be intimidating even for expert athletes. But it’s particularly daunting for those who have never worked out, are rehabbing from an injury, or have simply been on the sidelines for a few decades.

Where do you start? What do you do? What if you fail? What if you injure yourself?

That’s where Elev8d Fitness comes in. The beginner workouts are based on eight core movements that help align your body, reach your fitness goals, have fun, and provide a foundation for functional fitness. The new program was developed by the experts of Sonima, and the sequences are short, sweet, and ideal for beginners. Here’s why.

This Beginner Workout Will Injury-Proof Your Body

It’s only natural to fear injury or tweaked muscle when picking up a new routine. But Elev8d Fitness is sequenced in a way that almost guards against those fears.

The number beginner workout one guard: taking your body through core movements—over, under, around, sideways, rotating, flexion, extension, and pushing-pulling. Learning (or re-learning) these movements with proper form is a safe, effective way to exercise and provides a foundation for any other kind of movement you do.

It Only Takes 8 to 16 Minutes—Max

“Elev8d Fitness is an unbelievable, short, eight-minute way to change your life,” says Brian Bradley, Fitness Director of Elev8d Fitness. You spend either eight or 16 minutes a day, four days a week doing these moves. “We’re not going to give you so much to do that you don’t have any other time in day.”

Another big bonus: You don’t need any equipment at all—besides your body, that is.

It’s Easy to Understand

Just starting out and not sure where to begin or what to do? “Elev8d Fitness does the thinking for you,” says Bradley.

The exercises and beginner workout routines are short, precise, and sequenced, taking the guessing game out of fitness.

You Won’t Over-Tax Your Body

Think of Elev8d Fitness as low-intensity (and sometimes medium-intensity) interval training. What it’s not: the high-intensity interval training that’s picked up steam (and injured clients) throughout the years.

Over-stressing the body through intense work right off the bat can lead to injury, notes Bradley. “Elev8d Fitness works as the opposite of that.”

In time, you’ll grow stronger and faster—and you’ll be doing things the right way.

Your Body Will Be More Efficient

Elev8d Fitness doesn’t ask that you stop moving in other ways. In fact, the sequences compliment other forms of exercise, such as running. “Elev8d makes you safe. Your run becomes more efficient because you’ll be running from the hip, not the shoulder,” says Bradley.

That’s important because, in general, your body sees exercise as a stressor—either a positive or a negative stressor. By waking up your lymph system and helping your body learn to work the muscles movement is meant to target (instead of compensatory muscles), Elev8d Fitness ensures your body sees it as a positive. Says Bradley: “It’s more of a permanent solution.”