Kelly Lux is a lot like most of us. We know it’s good to be fit. We know that we feel better when we’re in shape. But many of us aren’t—and up until a few months ago, Lux wasn’t either—for a simple reason that plenty of people run into:

Fitness feels like a chore. That statement is so true that we don’t even give thought to the term we use to describe what we do to get fit: “Working out.” See? There’s the word “work,” right at the front of it.

What’s missing? Play. Fun. The things that make life enjoyable.

When most of us think of fitness, we picture something we have to go do. We imagine it’s something that separates us from our families, takes time away from the things we love the most, makes us feel uncomfortable (ugh, spinning) in a place we’d rather not be (like a gym or stuffy studio), and ultimately tires us out.

But what if there was a better way? What if getting fit could feel like child’s play —what if your kids actually wanted to join you?

Lux, 29, discovered that not only is it possible to make fitness fun, it’s easier than she’d imagined.

After just three months of following Elev8d Fitness, the new home workout program developed by the experts of Sonima, Lux is fitter than ever. She’s reaching goals she once thought impossible, and is discovering she has more energy than she ever knew. And best of all, it’s bringing her family closer together.

“I know it sounds funny to say, but my life has changed,” Lux said. “My workouts have changed. What I cook has changed. How I play with my kids has changed.”

Lux spoke these words outside of her family’s home in Cold Springs, Kentucky. It was a sunny late summer day, and she looked as radiant as the sun shining overhead. She was positive, upbeat and full of energy. While she’s a naturally outgoing person who loves people, she credits Elev8d Fitness for giving her more confidence—and putting a little more spring in her step.

“It feels so good,” Lux said. “I’m much more prone to say yes to active things. My mindset now is, ‘Yes, I want to try.'”

She didn’t always have that outlook. Lux came to Elev8d Fitness as the beginner-est of beginners. She’d never followed an exercise plan before. Her husband, Zach, is an avid runner and two-time marathon finisher, and Kelly had aspirations to run with him one day. But she’d never felt good when she tried running on her own, so she figured that working out just wasn’t for her.

“I didn’t realize how much that I didn’t’ trust my own body,” Lux said. “My self-doubt was deep.”

Lux also wasn’t sure how she could ever fit a workout program into the context of her real life. She’s a busy mom of three kids all aged 4 or younger—the “you can’t take your eyes off of them for a second” years. But early in her Elev8d Fitness journey, Lux learned that not only were the workouts doable, but when her kids saw what she was doing, they wanted to join her.

“The 8-minute workouts were such a gift,” Lux says. “I did the workouts first thing in the morning. The kids were obsessed with it! They would do the workouts with me.”

Lux’s children could join because Elev8d Fitness is essentially risk-free. Where so many traditional workouts are long, held in gyms, and require potentially dangerous equipment like heavy weights, Elev8d Fitness workouts are bodyweight-only, can be performed anywhere, and can be completed in as little as 8 minutes.

Four times per week, Lux would perform those short little workouts with her 4-year-old, Samuel, and 2-year-old, Grace, often following along with her—and occasionally pushing her to do more.

“One time, I was six minutes into a workout and about ready to give up,” Lux said. “But Samuel was having fun and said, “Mom, this is awesome! Keep going!” So we did, and I made it.” That’s the other great thing about Elev8d Fitness. The exercises are unique and sometimes even silly—bear crawls, crab walks, and shadow boxing—recalling childhood and play rather than the slog of the Stairmaster.

In less time than she’d ever imagined, she was making huge progress. Exercises that she once struggled to do for 30 seconds became moves she could do for a full minute no problem. She traded up from the 8-minute workouts to sessions that were twice that long and felt she could do even more.

“At the beginning I thought I couldn’t do it, but then I pushed myself, and by the end I was just a powerhouse,” Lux said.

Learning to unlock that energy was the biggest game-changer for Lux. She came into the training exhausted—and who could blame her? At the start she was just 10 weeks remove from delivering the family’s third child, Lucy. And while baby Lucy is a happy, smiley, generally content-all-the-time infant, there’s one thing she doesn’t do: sleep. On most nights she wakes up every two hours. That’s a recipe for one tired momma.

“I was desperately seeking rest [at the start],” Lux said. She found it in Elev8d Fitness. How?

“There are two types of rest: amusement rest and recreational rest,” Lux explains. “Amusement rest is the type that you get when you are scrolling through your phone, watching TV or staring at stuff. You’re brain isn’t on, but you’re not really resting. In recreational rest, focus on those two terms: “re-create.” Through activity you can “re-create” yourself. That’s working out. I know that if I am disciplined enough to do it, I will feel re-created. I’m finding rest in movement.”

Today Lux is as busy as she’s ever been. But not only does she have the energy to do it all, she’s taking on new challenges too—ones that are putting some of her lifelong goals within reach.

After several weeks of Elev8d Fitness, she decided to give running another try. That led her to start a “couch to 5K program” and set her sights on completing her first-ever race, a 5K—one she plans on running with her husband, Zach.

“That never would have happened if I didn’t learn what I could push my body through with Elev8d’s workouts,” Lux said.