As all golfers know, there’s much more to the sport than just standing around and intermittently whacking a small ball with a club. It takes an incredible amount of power and athleticism to drive that ball clear across the lush green lawn toward the tiniest, barely-visible target. To meet the demands of the underestimated sport, you need to be strong, flexible, and, most importantly, well-balanced.

In this 20-minute video, Pete Egoscue, an alignment expert and founder of the Egoscue Method, breaks down the key alignment and stretching exercises for golfers. Start with a 10-minute warm-up that includes some simple, yet crucial drills, such as foot circles and hip lifts, to promote stability and strength. From there, do a few cats and dogs to stretch your spine. It’s a good idea to do these in between each exercise to reset your body every time. Next, move onto kneeling groin stretches and upper spinal floor twists. Lastly, finish with a 30-second Downward Dog. Now you’re ready to go play like a champion.

Once you’ve worked the course and scored your hole-in-ones, take 10 minutes to cool down before getting into your car. Do a few easy and relaxing moves, including static back (careful not to doze off here!), cats and dogs, a counter stretch, and forward bends. Wrap it up with Downward Dog. Aim to hold the pose for a minute, if you can, before heading home.

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