It’s a proven scientific fact that tag teaming a workout with a pal can really help you reach your health and fitness goals. The buddy system boosts motivation, improves weight loss results, reduces stress and encourages you to push yourself harder, especially if your companion appears to be in better shape than you. Not to mention, good company while breaking a sweat can make the hard stuff seem a little less grueling and—dare we say it—fun!

Try this 12-minute dynamic duo workout video from our resident fitness expert Pete Egoscue. Right from the start, you’ll need your teammate’s support for partner squats, wheelbarrows, and lateral sidesteps, which fire up stabilizer and primary muscles groups in both parties. Though the next set of exercises—crunches, roller coasters, and mountain climbers—should be done individually and at your own pace, completing these tough moves together makes it a bit more tolerable (strength in numbers, right?). From there, buddy up again on the mat for bicycle movements. Cool down with balancing exercises, including windmill toe touches, cats and dogs, and Downward Dog.