How do you balance the needs of your health with the demands of your life?

It’s a question we all wrestle with every day. We know our bodies have needs. But we all have responsibilities beyond the body; like making a living, feeding our families, and spending quality time with loved ones.

The trouble is that the things you need to do in order to meet these various demands often don’t work hand-in-hand. In fact, they regularly conflict.

Let’s say that you work at a desk, like Yusuf George, a 30-year-old executive who works in finance in New York City. He’s handsome and strong, with the chiseled legs of somebody who’s finished two marathons and regularly runs 35 miles a week.

But like so many of us desk jockeys, George takes this fit, capable body and—for 8 hours a day (or more)—parks it in front of a computer.

Early in his career the wear and tear from work gave him a tough wakeup call.

“We had a health clinic one day. The nurse took my blood pressure and just said, huh,” George recalls. “I said, What do you mean, huh? She said I should go see the doctor. Then I learned at age 23 that I had pre-hypertension.”

High blood pressure and diabetes run in George’s family. He knew that if he didn’t make changes to his lifestyle, he could be next. So he added the running to his regimen, started eating better, and his health improved.

But here’s the thing about life: There always seems to be a new challenge around the corner.

For example, now that George is more established in his career, he’s dealing with the things that come along with professional success: higher expectations, greater demands, more time, and lots of work travel.

“I stay in hotels often if I’m not staying on a friend’s couch,” George said. “It can be difficult to go out even for a half hour run just because of the busy schedule.”

George’s calendar is only going to get busier. Why? Well, good news, bad news.

The good news—actually, great news—is that his fiancée, Kristen, is expecting. Baby George will be here in a matter of months.

The bad news is that means there will be even less time for George to get in the physical activity that he now knows is essential not only to his physical health, but also his performance in every aspect of life.

“Working out puts me in a place where I feel more charged not just to do better physically, but to do better with people,” George says. “Working out makes me happier. And when I do, I get to interact with people in a much happier way.”

So George knows he needs to exercise. But the available hours he’s put into his running regimen are about to become a thing of the past. Which means that the past few months have been the perfect time for George to discover Elev8d Fitness.

Elev8d gives George fitness on his terms. Rather than having to log mile after mile and eat up hour after hour, Elev8d’s workouts are fast. Some can be completed in as little as 8 minutes. They can be scaled up from there if more time is available.

And better yet, Elev8d’s bodyweight-only workouts can done anywhere. That includes a small hotel room or even an empty conference room, where George has knocked out a workout or two when no one at the office was looking.

“The best thing about these workouts is the flexibility they offer,” George said. “I can use them anywhere, anytime.”

The physical benefits from Elev8d have been pretty great too, George is quick to add. For example, soon after starting Elev8d’s program, he noticed that his hips—which had been aching, as many runners’ hips do—stopped hurting. A few weeks after that, his scale showed he’d dropped a few pounds.

“I’ve shed some weight, so I’m feeling kinda great,” George said. “I feel more energetic. Where running can take a toll on you, I don’t feel beat up at all. And I’m not slouching as much.”

A program that helps you get trimmer, stand taller, and feel more charged up throughout the day — while taking only minutes to complete? That’s the sort of balance we all could use.

Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to be a marathon runner like George to succeed with Elev8d. The workouts are designed so that they’re scalable to any ability level. Whether you’re a 20-something workout maniac or someone who’s aged 60+, you’ll find that you can do the program.

“These are workouts I could do for the rest of my life,” George said. “And now that we have a baby on the way, that means so much more.”