The fitness world is flooded with endless ways to build-a-butt. Barre, a ballet-inspired industry, is geared towards this physical goal alone. However, the problem with this specific type of strength training is that no-one is talking about posture. When your body isn’t aligned, all the squats in the world are not going to do much for your keister. The key is form, activating the deeper muscles groups that are responsible for a sculpted backside. This five minute workout shifts the body back into alignment and, as a result, isolates these key muscles. Give it a try! We promise a transformation.

Bent Knee Davincis | 10x Each Side
Point your feet straight ahead—wider than hip-width. Squat down and hold. There should be an arch in your lower back. With active hands (fingers spread) out to the side, flex to one direction and then flex to the other. Your head should maintain a static position, sliding along the same plane as your arms.

Squat Lateral Toe Touches | 5x Each Side
Lower into a deep squat position with your feet pointed straight ahead. Keep an arch in your lower back and your hips tilted forward. Reach your left leg left and touch the toe. Return to the deep squat position.Then reach your right leg right and touch the toe.

Lateral Burpees | 5x Each Side
Explode up in a jump. Then squat down with your feet pointed straight ahead. Jump your legs deliberately out to the side into the lateral plank. Three distinct motions: explode up, squat down, then deliberately push the legs out to the side.