Hours spent hunched over a computer and smartphones may be causing your head and neck to lean forward. This kind of misalignment not only looks funny, but can wreak havoc on your body, too. The average adult head weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. Tilting your head forward as little as 15 degrees can add weight, making the head feel as heavy as 27 pounds, which, in turn, puts extra stress on the cervical spine, reports a 2014 study published in Surgical Technology International. The further you hinge your head forward, the heavier it gets: 45 degrees can add 49 pounds and 60 degrees can add 60 pounds. These stresses, over time, may lead to wear, tear, degeneration and even surgery.

Correct your posture and prevent or reduce neck aches with this simple sequence from Sonima.com’s alignment expert Pete Egoscue, the creator of the Egoscue Method for pain-free living. Start with shoulder rolls (forward and backward) to readjust the spine and the muscles of the shoulder girdle to allow for more space. You can do these standing or sitting at your desk. Next, do stork walks to activate your pelvis and then a static squat to build strength. A strong pelvis can support your spine. From there, do standing knee pillow squeezes with a pillow to realign your lower joints that affect head positioning. Follow up with 50 arm circles (clockwise and counter-clockwise) and a minute-long hold of a static extension position to reset the spine to neutral. Wrap up the workout with elbow curls and a standing overhead extension (be sure to look up!) to elongate your spine.

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