Want to burn calories fast? Jump rope for 10 minutes and torch more than 100 calories, which is equivalent to running an eight-minute-mile, according to the Compendium of Physical Studies. Best part: This aerobic exercise is totally portable (you can do it anywhere from your living room to hotel to the park), a time-saver (takes no time to get a great workout) and easier on your joints than going for a run, reports the Jump Rope Institute.

Because jumping rope for 10 minutes straight is actually much harder than it sounds, Sonima’s pain and anatomy advisor, Pete Egoscue, devised this sweet seven-minute workout plan that incorporates the rope in a realistic way that people of all fitness levels can do. Start by jumping rope for 100 reps to get your heart rate up. From there, use the rope as a prop to do fat-blasting jump rope exercises, including quick overs (lateral lifts over a bench), v-ups, step-ups, squats, and crunches. Cool down with Egoscue’s favorite stretches, like cats-and-dogs and Downward Dog.

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