Sonima’s Elev8d Fitness, which launched in January, offers hundreds of workouts derived from the following 8 core movements:

1. Over: Jump over an object, such as a log, fence or bench, using your hands and arms to propel yourself forward.

2. Under: Step forward or sideways to squat as if under a low doorway or branch; the movement requires you to load your weight on alternate hip joints.

3. Around: Roll downhill on your side or move forward or sideways in circles around a stationary object, such as a table, tree, or jungle gym, in both directions. The goal is to move in a circular motion.

4. Sideways: Move laterally, in both directions, in a variety of ways, including shuffling your feet or doing crab walks.

5. Rotation: Twist your torso, such as when you swing a golf club or baseball bat.

6. Flexion: Bend your body forward at the joints, such as at the waist for sit-ups or at the knees for high-step exercises.

7. Extension: Extend your body backwards as in crab walks or a backbend.

8. Push/Pull: Use your arms to push or pull your body, such as push-ups or pull-ups.

These movements guarantee that your load-bearing joints—shoulders, hips, knees and ankles—will get a full range of motion, which hasn’t been the case for most of us for years. This will have an unbelievable impact on your body. It will align your joints, engage deep and long unused muscles, and bring a larger supply of oxygenated blood to places in your body that have not received it in some time. And you will feel the difference right after the workout and throughout the day. You will feel energized rather than depleted. You will feel enhanced rather than spent.

Prove it to yourself by taking the 8 x 8 challenge. It’s eight Elev8d Fitness exercises in eight minutes. These eight don’t include all of the core movements listed above, but they will compel you to move many of your joints in ways they haven’t been moved in a long time, even for fitness buffs. For instance, when was the last time runners or cyclists moved sideways?

If you’re new to fitness or haven’t worked out in a long time, this 8 x 8 challenge is a great way to get the body moving again. If you are already fit, it will be a great warm-up that will align your body before your regular workout. If your knee hurts too much to run or back hurts too much to lift weights, it’s low-impact and doesn’t call for incredible strain.

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In this workout, each exercise goes for about 50 seconds and has a built-in rest period of 10 seconds before you begin the next. You can do the 50 seconds if you want and take the brief rest, you can do the the full 60 with no rest, or if you’re able to do only 10 or 20 seconds, that’s fine, too. This is fitness without judgment. Just make sure you do them in the order they’re laid out because the sequence is key to alignment. Other than that, the only requirement is to be open to trying.

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