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Try This Awesome One-Song Workout

Workout music is such a great motivator. Here's one tune that will help you tune up your body in just a few minutes.

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In this total-body workout video, the experts at Elev8d Fitness paired up the hit single “Tough Guys” by Caroline Jones, a rising star in country-pop according to Rolling Stone, with a low-impact routine that you can do anywhere, anytime.

For the next three minutes or so, you will perform the following series of movements to the beat:

  1. Start with burpees and arm circles.
  2. Transition to shadow boxing.
  3. Dive into crocodile push-ups.
  4. Do a crunch variation that Elev8d Fitness calls “polar opposites”.
  5. Finish up with a little core work.

By the end of this speedy session, you’ll be feeling pretty darn tough. Go for round two and play it again if you have the time and energy!


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