Suspend your sense of time, commitment, and distraction with this 10-minute breath meditation, led by long time yoga teacher, Jai Sugrim. Set against the backdrop of a New York City evening, Sugrim’s voice will help you to situate your thoughts and mind outside of the malaise of busyness around you. This meditation draws on basic tenets of pranayama, or breath-control practices, and will leave you feeling centered, joyous, and calm.

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One of the practices you’ll be asked to engage with, is one in which you release attachment to the physical self and its tangible weight. According to this practice, one finds center by first releasing all attachment to boundaries and edge. The internal line, or the center of gravity is found through an erasure of static outlines of the self and the space it takes up. Take deep breaths, and allow yourself to be grounded in your trust for the breath.