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An Astrologer’s #1 Advice for Lasting Love

If you are searching for love or feel disconnected from your partner, you may want to consider these insights from a noted Vedic astrologer.

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As a Vedic astrologer who has worked with hundreds of people through the years to better understand their karma, I am often asked questions about love—how to find it, how to fix it, how to make it last, and so on. Time and again, I find that the answer comes down to total acceptance of your partner, in every single sense, and a willingness to make some sacrifices to evolve your relationship in the direction you desire.

If you want something about your relationship to change, change yourself before trying to change your partner. Change in yourself will bring the required change in your partner. Also, remember that nobody is perfect and no two things in this universe are same. Know that you and your partner are two different individuals who can never be the same. Two individuals are born in different environments and have different belief systems, conditioning, perceptions, and experiences of life. Allow your partner to live in his or her own nature. Best partners are those who accept, sacrifice, and evolve together.

Evolving Your Love Relationship to Perfection

If you feel disconnected from your partner or feel something just isn’t working, you’re probably right. To help you navigate this challenge, I have developed a technique that will allow you understand yourself and your partner better. In this system, each individual falls in a different category or letter in the alphabet. With exploration, you can uncover what causes a disconnect between you and your partner, and then you may formulate a solution to strengthen your bond.

These techniques are powerful in your evolution of love. Using the Latin alphabet you may better understand yourself and your partner, and bring your relationship to the next level of commitment and understanding. The intention is to bring each person to an infinite love and perfect love, which is self-sufficient, unconditional, blissful, spiritual, and never-ending. The infinite symbol represents a strong bond and a knot, which cannot be undone. My aim is to elevate your relationship from its current state of disconnect between two different types of people, to the infinite and content love.

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The Alphabet of Lasting Love

Below, I have outlined the letters representing individuals and their approach to relationships. It is important to remember that one type is not better than the other, just different. One should be able to identify the level of connection they are at, the level their partner is at, and the level at which one wanted to be. If you are interested in learning more about this system and would like to receive personalized analysis of your relationship, I encourage you to attend one of my workshops “Evolve and Heal Your Love Relationships.” Learn more on my website.


The individual represented by the letter “V” is only connected to their partner on the lower level and base of their existence, which we know as physical and sensual. This individual needs to evolve in the relationship at all other levels.


The individual at this level represents a connection on the level of the heart. This individual is more stable and firm with their central connection at the heart level. This individual in the relationship represents the desire to love and be loved. There is a willingness to enter a heart connection but will lack balance and equality at other levels requiring this individual to evolve at other levels.


This individual is connected to their partner on a level of the highest intellectual point. This connection is firm and attached also at the heart level in the center. This individual has a connection to their partner, which is a bond at two levels, the mind and heart. This is stronger than the V and H, as more than one aspect of our being is involved.


This letter represents tying the knot. Picture the length and strength of a rope, and tie it as if you were attempting to make a knot. This individual in the relationships represents a desire for a complete relationship. This is secure love, which is unconditional and sees their partner for eternity. The individual on this level desires a connection at all levels and fully committed.


This relationship is at the level of energy. The individual at this level has a spiritual connection to their partner where one’s foundation is strong and they are able to connect to their partner on the level of their soul and energy. This is the type of individual who within a relationship has a circular, never-ending bond with their partner.


This letter represents the regression and devolution of love. The individual at this level doesn’t connect to their partner on any level. This individual is regressing in the relationship and on the level of breaking up as this individual is not connected on the level of heart, intellect, soul, commitment, or energy. Remember that it is possible to rebuild and focus of this process.



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