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It’s Your Duty to Preserve the Earth

Regardless of your stance on environmental policies, you cannot deny the fact that humankind and the planet are inextricably intertwined.

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It’s common to hear and read about environmental concerns nearly every single day. Though some people don’t feel especially passionate about protecting nature, it’s actually very important to express gratitude for the planet and make an effort to preserve it for the simple reason that we need it to survive.

As humans, all of our needs are met by the planet. Whether it’s nourishment or the space for us to exist, the earth provides us with everything required to survive and thrive. We have access to all five of the earth’s elements, which each interact with our five senses through what I call “intelligent communication.”

When you drink water, for example, it knows exactly where to go and what to do in your body based on your needs. So water—one of the elements of the earth—has that intelligence within it. Your body has reciprocating intelligence, which enables it to absorb that water, knowing just what to do with the liquid. In this sense, water and your body are talking to each other. Same goes for food, medicine, or anything else we ingest. One part is giving, the other part is receiving. Usually, your body is in receiver mode, but sometimes, we need to switch to giver mode and let the earth have a chance to take from us.

Why should we feel any obligation to reciprocate the earth’s generosity? We, as human souls, have chosen to come down and live on this planet—to live our desires, karma, and destinies. Without the earth, we would not be able to experience that journey. Earth is the place where humans have a huge opportunity to evolve, and not only into our higher purposes, but also into our higher consciousness. The planet helps us take advantage of this phenomenal opportunity, providing every single possible element needed in this journey for your survival and growth. Being presented with a chance to have an understanding of the greater meanings of life, not only at a physical level, but also an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level, shows just how much the much the environment and earth provide.

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What’s more, we are actually not separate from the earth and its elements. As humans, we are part of it. Because of this, we have an even greater responsibility. When you think about it this way, the fact that we are doing things to destroy the earth—consciously through our actions and subconsciously through our needs—doesn’t make much sense. The earth is just trying to protect us and give us are basic necessities. It’s very kind and compassionate in its own perfection, and we are not doing a great job of sharing that same harmony with it.

Now, it becomes our responsibility to come back and zero in on that harmony so that we can get the best nourishment. The earth is the very source on which our lives depend, so we should not be irresponsible in handling it. I challenge you to contemplate how you can express your gratitude for all that the earth provides, whether it’s through giving your time to environmental causes or spreading the word through positive thought and conversation. In the end, it’s simple. We get the best by doing the best to help earth. Our lives depend on it.



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