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Sonima Won a Webby!

We have the most amazing news: Sonima won its first Webby Award (the Oscars of the Internet) for Best Lifestyle Website of 2017!

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We’re beyond thrilled to announce that Sonima has been named the Best Lifestyle Website of 2017 by the Webby Awards, the Internet’s highest honors. With more than 13,000 entries across hundreds of categories, we are elated to be counted among this year’s winners whom we really admire, including The New York Times, National Geographic, The Women’s March, and many more.

When we first launched Sonima in the fall of 2014, my simple intention was to create a wellness website where everyone could find in-depth knowledge as well as practical tips and advice on how to live mindfully and pain free, one incredibly busy day at a time. Less than three years later, this vision has been honored, and I am humbled. Most of all, I’m grateful for all the support we’ve had along the way, especially from our loyal readers, like you

I am so proud of Sonima’s editorial team who worked hard to not only make this dream website a reality, but also award-winning. Specifically, I would like to thank Amanda Jedeikin, our Founding Editor (she had a gorgeous baby boy a few months ago), and Cristina Goyanes, our current Editor, as well as Shira Atkins, Founding Associate Editor, Una Graonic, Digital Marketing Manager, and Erik Simon, Creative Director and President. Truly, this Webby is theirs. It also belongs to our COO, Sean Nolan, our project managers, Alexandra Douwes and Nellie Morris at Purpose Generation, and Brian Brey at Idiom, plus all of our invaluable experts and their contributions. This beautiful community is the foundation of this unique platform that we hope is helping you live better every day.

Thank you, all, for helping us revel in this victory. We promise to keep investigating the topics that matter and sharing our findings with you so that we can continue to live fit and free.

Many Blessings,

Sonia Jones



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