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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2016

June promises positive developments after last month's unusual retrograde activity. Find out what the stars have in store for you.

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With May behind us, this June is a period for new hope and optimism. With most of the retrograde planets now moving direct, you will see things more clearly and you are willing to take a fresh jump. Retrograde Saturn and Mars still pose some challenges, however if you take this in a positive way, you will see difficulties getting converted into opportunities. There is lot of positive energy and you should use it to your advantage. Follow your passion and let this energy guide you toward success.


This June, we see planet of communication Mercury in the lagan and Sun and Venus transit your second house. This planetary position influences you to improve mental compatibility with your beloved and takes you towards better communication and sharing ideas. Group and work situations will offer you opportunities to express in a new way. You will easily be appreciated for your past efforts and you will receive bonus or grants for your sincere and dedicated efforts. Moon transit in the 12th house indicates your desire towards making foreign connections. Expenses are also likely to increase during this period as you go all out to please everyone. It is important to remember that it is good to help others, but do not stretch yourself beyond a limit. Do not go overboard while spending, so much so that you disturb your monthly budget. Middle of the month unexpected achievement by your children will bring happiness for the entire family. Sports activities and creative hobbies will keep you relaxed and in a good mood. Any renovation or decoration that you do at home during this period will be highly impressive and satisfying. Later in the month opportunities for a new romance will unfold through friends or neighbors. Traveling will be worthwhile and help you build contacts and acquire more knowledge. Health definitely needs more attention, especially for those suffering from chronic ailments.

Lucky days – Wednesdays
Lucky dates – 1, 7, 15, and 25


This month with new moon happening in your sign, this is the best time for you to set new goals as you feel that you can see things from a wider point of view. There will also be an aspect of retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn on your lagan, making you gather new ideas and information. You will reexamine all the things that you have been ignoring until now and try to complete them with preference. You’ll have enormous creative potential and will reap powerful financial benefits from investments. Discussions about new creative ventures will be important to seek support from influential and eminent people. Those at the management level will find their leadership abilities improving their performances. Your domestic front however, doesn’t seem to be all that pleasant. With Jupiter and North Node Rahu transit in the 4th house, prepare to experience confusion at home, unless you pay more attention to the needs of the family members. Middle of the month traveling for business will not only bring you valuable information but monetary benefits as well. This will be a wonderful month to look into new courses and hobbies that interest you. It is also a good month to discuss future goals with experienced people. In fact, your desire to do things on your own will help you immensely. The good news is that your ability to take risks would impress even the harshest of critics. In the last week if you are asked to make important decisions make sure you follow heart rather than working blindly on others’ suggestions.

Lucky days – Mondays
Lucky dates – 3, 10, 17, and 29


This month with moon in the 10th house of profession, you are likely to give preference to career related activities more than anything else. Growth and prosperity will be yours as long as you don’t block your ideas with negative thinking. You should focus on new job opportunities, which are likely to knock at your door. Friends and family members will provide you with support and cooperation. Your confidence and enthusiasm will be at its peak, making you accomplish many difficult tasks with ease. You will find new partners who will pave the way to your success. Someone close to you will confide his or her romantic dreams to you, which will come as a welcome surprise. Investment will pay big dividends in the long run. However as Venus the 5th lord is in the 12th house with Sun and Mercury, you need to be careful while making decisions. Jupiter and Rahu in the 3rd house will make travelling highly exciting as well as educating. This June while making important decision make sure you follow heart rather than what others say. At the same time avoid carelessness and a laid-back attitude because that could create problems. Shifting focus from personal to social life will benefit you immensely. It would be in your interest to devote time in charity and helping the needy.

Lucky days – Friday
Lucky dates – 7, 16, 19, and 28


This month with moon in the 9th house of distant travel, you will have a strong desire to go out and see the world. Occasions to socialize, entertain, and be entertained will be plenty. You will be in the limelight when attending social gatherings. Organizing things at home will be important, but at the same time it will be important to avoid arguments and confrontation that might arise because of difference of opinion. It will be better to keep things light and friendly, and sort conflicting issues with proper discussions. During the third week, you should explore new ways to do business, but avoid taking unnecessary business and financial risks. Seek help from experienced people to assist you in making important decisions. This is also an excellent time for developing contacts in other countries. Your long wait for interesting things to happen to your life would become a reality. With Venus, Mercury, and Sun in transit through your 11th house of gains, you will get recognition in whatever you do. Friends will be helpful and supportive. Social work will give you great satisfaction. Later in the month health will need proper care, so avoid overeating and keep exercising to stay fit.

Lucky days – Sunday
Lucky dates – 2, 7, 15, and 22


With Rahu in lagan conjoined with 5th lord Jupiter, this month you will give preference to yourself and be in the mood to celebrate. You should go in for home improvement projects and enjoy spending time with those you love. Financial gains are evident as past investments will start raking profits, but arrival of guests and unexpected expenses will bring financial pressures. Your ability to converse with charm will entice someone you have had an interest in for some time now. In the middle of June, traveling for business or pleasure will be high on your agenda. Your craving to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills will make you meet new people or even sign short-term courses. Everyone you meet will teach you something new and interesting and you will try to bring this knowledge to more productive use. With many planets in favorable position, you will be successful in bringing the positive attitude of `Yes’ in life. This would allow you to live life in the most positive & energized manner. As a result you will be open to suggestions, cooperation, and doing things in a better way. Rituals and religious activities are likely to be performed at home. Female members of the family will help you complete pending jobs. Avoid financial dealings with casual acquaintances.

Lucky days – Wednesday
Lucky dates – 5, 10, 16, and 25

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With retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn transit through your 3rd house, your continuous efforts will enable you to have a steady progress this month. This will also keep you ahead of others especially in first half of the month. Most of the time you will be full of good ideas and your choice of activities would bring gains far beyond expectations. With sign lord Mercury in a position of strength, your acumen in business orientation can really do wonders. You will do well at work, and will have a lot of positive new ideas. Plan out your budget and it will be wise to stick to it. Investment made in the past will bear fruits now. New proposals seem to be quite exciting and alluring, but as Jupiter and North Node Rahu transit the 12th house, all investments should be made carefully and with proper consultation. New proposals and contracts, if signed, may not fetch returns immediately, but eventually they will pay off. Your friends and loved ones will depend more and more on you for spiritual guidance as they sense your psychic energy. You will also spend lavish amount on luxuries. A healthier and loving atmosphere will prevail at home bringing good health and prosperity. This month will be significant for women and sportsmen. Take care of your jewelry and expensive items as chances of misplacing things are very much there.

Lucky days – Friday
Lucky dates – 4, 11, 19, and 27


This June with many planets transit in favorable position, you will have enough time for socializing and following up things that you love doing the most. This is also the best period to reassess strength and discuss future plans with experienced persons. The guidance that you get would be worth the efforts and will enhance your vision and give you new ideas for the future. However it is important when you interact, make sure you are original in your conversation and honest about your opinions. Wonderful new ideas come to the forefront this month, which will enhance your confidence. As Retrograde Saturn is conjoined with Retrograde Mars you need to be extra careful before entering into any new partnership or alliance. You will have opportunities to earn extra if you pick up some freelance work on the side. Toward the end of the month, you will be the centre of attraction at some social gatherings and functions. Your charisma will be in a perfect working order. Some ceremonies are likely to be performed at home as well. During this period you should concentrate on domestic matters. It’s the right time for such a focus. You owe it to them, and it will give you the strength to help others in the future. Property transaction or beautification of the house will be on your agenda.

Lucky days – Saturday
Lucky dates – 6, 13, 21 and 30


With retrograde Saturn in conjunction with retrograde Mars in your sign, positive changes regarding your personal status are evident. Funds you spend on your home or matters pertaining to land, property, or your lifestyle will be well spent. Everything you do, you will do well, however work pressure at office will increase and you should be careful not to sacrifice accuracy in the name of speed. With moon in the house of education, you will be interested in enhancing your knowledge. The lectures, seminars, and conferences you attend during this month, would bring you new ideas and opportunity to interact with interesting people. A short distant trip during this period cannot be ruled out. Middle of the month brings time to share your joy with your friends and associates. Plan a social gathering, which includes everyone who is close to you. Open and honest communication will strengthen friendship ties. Children will make you feel proud with their good performance in studies and sports. Last week of June will require chronic patients to take preventive medication against recurring ailments without fail. A rise in medical expenses also seems certain. Meditation and yoga will bring you peace of mind. As far as possible, avoid unnecessary risks, especially in the last week.

Lucky days – Tuesday
Lucky dates – 2, 11, 17 and 28


This June, with full moon happening in your sign, this is a period of appreciation and rewards. Many good things will occur to you at a same time. Friends and family members will bring immense happiness. You will be successful in maintaining a distance from people who don’t concern you at all. Your wit and repartee will immensely help in developing healthy relations with people in your group. With strong position of 10th house lord Mercury opportunities for advancement at work are apparent. Conferences and business meetings will take up most of your time. Your performance on the work front will be highly appreciated, as you get all your pending projects finished to the satisfaction of your seniors. Your spirits and enthusiasm will be high and new plans will take shape. Later in the month celebrations will be plenty because of the successful conclusion of major projects and assignments. Pleasure trips for some will promote new romance. Last week of June will be significant for fresh investments. Dabbling in speculation will be profitable, provided you do your research well. Travel for some will bring pleasure as well as financial gains. With many planets in your favor this month, your persistent efforts would enable to shine in every sphere of life

Lucky days – Thursdays
Lucky dates – 6, 18, 22 and 27


With sign lord Saturn conjoined with 11th lord Mars in the house of gains, this is the time to take important decisions in your life. Luck seems to be working on your side, so this period is likely to make a lot of things possible for you. With Venus and Sun transit through the 5th house, your ability to interpret, plan, and convince others will be strong. Your desire to do something different will take you forward and is likely to give you enormous success. With moon transiting your 4th house, home would take precedence over everything else. Short-term investments will not yield profits; rather, you need to make all investments with a long-term perspective. At work you will impress your seniors with your talent and dedication. Don’t hesitate to discuss new ideas, even if it might not get accepted, it would definitely show your loyalty and interest that you take in your work. Around third week of June, there will be a remarkable improvement in your relationship with family members, as they seem to understand your concerns better and help you emotionally as well as financially. A pilgrimage or pleasure jaunt is a possibility for some. During this period new beneficial contacts will develop and a few old ones will also get revived.

Lucky days – Mondays
Lucky dates – 4, 10, 20 and 28


The Month starts with bleak finances, but unexpected gains later in the month will enable you to put new plans into motion. With Sun and Venus transiting your 4th house, investment in property will be worthwhile. This seems to be a promising period when many personal expectations will be fulfilled. With favorable position of planets in transit, you would be determined to achieve your goals. You will see yourself more focused and active. The planets are aligned in such a manner that nothing can stop you from getting to your objectives. You are likely to be a star achiever at workplace thanks to your innovative thoughts, which shall be appreciated by all. This is the period for you to show your hidden talents and work as a team. Middle of the month some tensions will ruin your mental peace, as friendship with a close friend may suffer due to misunderstanding and leave you very disappointed. This will not be the best time to confide secrets in others. Some expensive purchase seems likely to be made towards the end of the month. Despite minor issues, this June seems to be a good and happy month that will require you to be little cautious in your speech and actions if you want to truly benefit.

Lucky days – Thursdays
Lucky dates – 6, 15, 16 and 24


Positive influence of sign lord Jupiter over the second house brings new opportunity to enhance your finances. You may see money coming in from unexpected resources. However, unfriendly influence of retrograde Saturn on your 11th house will bring some unwanted hindrances, as well. Your practical nature brings in good results and your unique ideas will get all the attention. Patience will be your key weapon this month. Developing new contacts with influential persons would help in expanding horizons, especially in the first week. You would find yourself devoting much of your time in personal development throughout June. In the second week, teaming up with a set of ambitious people would augur well for future. This will bring you plenty of opportunities to attend social gathering that are directly linked with your work. Children will be cooperative and understanding. Last week of June will see you traveling to attend an auspicious event or function, which will help you meet old contacts. After experiencing some uneasy moments in your relationship recently, you will find some stability going forward and can expect better ties. As ascendant lord Jupiter is conjoined with Rahu (North Node) in the 6th house, health will need extra care, therefore avoid overeating and indulging in excessive drinking. Drive carefully.

Lucky days – Tuesdays
Lucky dates – 2, 11, 18 and 27



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