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Your January Horoscope—Exciting Times Ahead

Big things are coming this year. But first, you must take time to reset, relax, and gain perspective. Now is the time to focus on friends and family.

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This month, Mars’ transits through Pisces and Mercury will be in Sagittarius. Saturn will remain combust and in close proximity to the Sun, which is entering Capricorn. The auspicious Hindu festivals of Lohri and Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on January 13 and 14, respectively.

During this period you may feel stressed out and a temporary truce will be required. Take a short break to rest after a period of struggle or conflict. You need this time of renewal to calm your mind and rejuvenate your body. Now is the perfect time to relax and regroup your forces. You may seek solace in prayer and meditation. Moving away from your daily schedule will help you put matters into perspective. Some of you might even take a vacation to make the necessary shift.

The beginning of the year brings new energy and hope. Good news awaits you as matters take a turn for the better and you can rejoice. Life is finally moving toward something exciting after a period of stagnation, boredom, and discontent. With the Sun transiting through Capricorn, you have something memorable to look forward to. You may also prioritize socializing, making new friends, renewing old acquaintances and focusing on important relationships.

Monthly Mantra:Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Namaha


Meaning: Salutations to Saturn, the Karmic teacher.



Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac and its symbol is the Goat. A Capricorn is very determined. They are methodical and realistic in everything that they do. They have great sense of humor, which is often unusual, and their witty remarks delight all. They socialize a lot and like to be popular. For a Capricorn native, friends are a priority. They care about others, especially the poor or downtrodden. They do not place importance on class, race, or religion. Capricorns have a splendid imagination. They possess very powerful humanitarian qualities and express them in a very positive way.

A Capricorn male is strong, powerful, and wants others to recognize his abilities. He can work for hours without rest. He is respected by his peers because of his ability to make wise decisions. He does not like to depend on others and is willing to take risks. A Capricorn male enjoys a simple and uncomplicated life. He does not like others telling him what to do. He is very independent and likes to make his own decisions. He is quite fashionable and has a fine sense of color and style. His clothes represent his elegant personality. A Capricorn man is loyal and trustworthy, but needs to control his tendency to be careless and spendthrift.

A Capricorn woman is charming, elegant, and beautiful. She is honest, simple, and emotionally generous. She has a unique sense of style and loves to be in calm and beautiful surroundings. Her house and workplace will be highly polished and classy. She loves appreciation and is easily flattered. A Capricorn woman is confident, bold, and does not like to depend upon others. She is fond of intelligent conversation and soothing music. She often makes a good writer, artist, musician, athlete, entertainer, or public speaker.

This January, your outgoing personality and willingness to adapt keeps you ahead of the game. Important alliances will develop this month. Your self-confidence and determination is at its peak. Selective speculation could be rewarding, but do not squander your hard-earned money on the advice of others. Finances may improve around the middle of the month, bringing domestic prosperity and happiness. Friends are supportive of your concerns and will be by your side. New romance for those unattached will certainly add spice to your life. Health of a sibling might cause some concern and anxiety.

Lucky Days – Saturdays
Lucky Dates – 8, 14, 19, 30
Lucky Gemstone – Blue Sapphire

Capricorn Celebrity: Shawn Johnson, Mel Gibson, Elvis Presley, Nicholas Cage, Cary Grant, Muhammad Ali, Rudyard Kipling, Isaac Newton, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King, Jr., Diane Keaton, Rowan Atkinson, John Denver

Ruling Planet: Saturn
The Goat
Lucky Color:
Lucky Stone: Blue Sapphire, Black Onyx
Best Professions/Fields: Counselors, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Artists
Body Part: Knees
Good Points: Discipline, Consistent, Strong Organizational Skills, Patience
Bad Points: Over-confident, Careless, Boastful, Aggressive, Short-tempered
Soul Mates: Taurus and Virgo
Just Say No: 
Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius



Aries (March 21 to April 19)

This month, expect to feel more active and energetic. You are a great thinker and people from various walks of life will seek your advice. With Mars transiting through a friendly sign, you are able to face challenges in your work with a new confidence. Co-workers, partners, and colleagues are a great source of inspiration and help. Your earnings will be excellent, but you might also overspend—leaving you with very little in savings. Foreign trips are likely to happen later in the month. Your spouse will be cooperative throughout and shower you with love and affection. Marriage proposals may materialize for some.

Lucky Days – Tuesdays
Lucky Dates – 3, 11, 18, 29
Lucky Gemstone – Calcite



Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

With Venus in Scorpio, you will feel confident, strong, and energetic. You have enormous talents and will have the opportunity to highlight them in the coming period. You might make investments that seem moderate, but they will, ultimately, bring substantial gains. You need to be conservative in your spending and avoid useless expenditures on luxuries. This month, you will find yourself in the limelight at social gatherings. You will also have a very memorable and romantic period with your beloved and develop a deeper understanding and respect for each other. You can expect a lot from your family members and not be disappointed. A distant journey later in the month seems likely for some of you.

Lucky Days – Fridays
Lucky Dates – 2, 12, 24
Lucky Gemstone – Charoite



Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Due to the conjunction of Mercury and the Sun, you possess enormous capabilities this January. You will develop an excellent rapport with colleagues in your organization and you can look forward to a very productive month. Your career profile may be altered and you may be asked to handle additional responsibilities. Financial gains will improve, but you need to save more. Expect attractive prepositions to make quick money. It could be an especially rewarding period for computer professionals, doctors, and sales and marketing managers. Pregnant women need to take extra care of their health. Proper medication and diet should not be ignored.

Lucky Days – Sundays
Lucky Dates – 1, 11, 16, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Tanzanite


sonima-astro-cancerCancer (June 21 to July 22)

You will be required to make important decisions this January. With the full moon in your sign, you will possess a sharp memory. You will be recognized by your seniors for your amazing technical skills. A challenging period in the workplace promises gains. You will be appointed leader in your group and complete new and difficult projects. This is the beginning of a remarkable period for your career. You may spend more on comforts and luxuries, but investments may prove to be very confusing. This month, you will be in the limelight at social gatherings and make new friends and important contacts. Your health will be fine, but it is recommended that you take preventive medication if required.

Lucky Days – Mondays
Lucky Dates – 5, 12, 20, 26
Lucky Gemstone – Moonstone



Leo (July 23 to August 22)

With the Sun entering Saturn, your strong intuition will signal future events. You will enhance your knowledge during this time but curb your tendency to be careless or spendthrift. Certain events that are not in your control will lead to changes in your career. It is not an easy period as many things may not be in your favor, but support and help from friends and family members will introduce new energy and make things much comfortable. Gains from a property transaction, investment, or gifts are likely. If you are unattached, the chance to meet the love of your life is be strong. Spiritual gains later in the month may bring solace and comfort.

Lucky Days – Sundays
Lucky Dates – 1, 5, 10, 21
Lucky Gemstone – Ruby



Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

With Mercury conjoining the Sun this month, you will have an exceptionally sharp mind and you will enjoy learning new skills. You may meet somebody special who will have a powerful impact on your mind. This is a wonderful time to meet new people and visit new places. Your creativity will be at its best and you will have the energy to solve any problems with conviction and dedication. Your beloved may put pressure on you, especially if you do not make time for just the two of you. Do things that you both enjoy and you will take your relationship to a deeper level. Family members will stand by you and provide love and affection.

Lucky Days – Tuesdays
Lucky Dates – 9, 18, 27, 31
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral


Libra (September 23 – October 22)

This January, you will enjoy the company of trustworthy friends. Trust your tendency to be open about your feelings and share with others. You may enjoy fabulous professional gains, but your income may be much less than you expect. Your responsibilities might not improve your finances, but the experience will go a long way to improve your career. New romance seems likely for some, and few lucky Librans will marry. Distant pilgrimage is certain later in the month. Be extra prudent when lending money and take care of jewelry and precious gifts.

Lucky Days – Fridays
Lucky Dates – 7, 15, 21, 30
Lucky Gemstone – Tanzanite


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The strong position of Mars this month will make you active and responsible. You are highly skilled and happy to accept any challenge that brings about career gains. These challenges will, ultimately, bring about overwhelming results in the long run. Be decisive and confident to reap the benefits. Your financial condition may improve later in the month. The sudden influence of a spiritual person will have a remarkable influence on your personality and thoughts. Students will excel in their academic performance. Some exhilarating news from overseas relations will boost the spirits of the entire family. Travel will be pleasurable.

Lucky Days – Saturdays
Lucky Dates – 8, 17, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Tiger Eye


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sign lord Jupiter is transiting through Scorpio, which will enhance your desire for learning. Colleagues will look to you for inspiration. With the new moon in your sign, several brilliant opportunities are likely to come your way. Act quick to take advantage of these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Financial gains may accrue from investments and speculation. An exotic vacation cannot be ruled out during this period. Your health will be good, but the health of your spouse or children will be a matter of concern. Colleagues and subordinates will cause unnecessary tensions.

Lucky Days – Thursdays
Lucky Dates – 1, 5, 13, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Topaz


Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

This January, sign lord Saturn transits through Jupiter. You’re capable of handling many activities at once and will seldom complain. Expect extra energy and power this month. It is a great time to implement new plans and ideas. Support from people around you will prove highly beneficial in completing pending jobs. Your financial position will stabilize as investments start accruing profits. It is a good time to travel and make new contacts. Seeking the blessings of a spiritual person may bring peace and comfort. There is a good chance of a foreign education for some students. Matrimonial alliance seems likely for those seeking a life partner. Chronic patients need to take extra care of their health.

Lucky Days – Wednesdays
Lucky Dates – 4, 12, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Amethyst


Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

You are a born leader. This January will be no different as you move toward your goals. This is an excellent time for your physical and financial status. Recognition and rewards for your efforts will abound. Expect an increase in your confidence and determination—this will enable you to handle difficult tasks with ease. Financial speculations may yield handsome returns, but be sure to seek advice from a financial consultant. Distant travel may be undertaken for business and pleasure. Children should to concentrate more on their future. Your health will be good in spite of the extra hours you put in at the beginning of the month.

Lucky Days – Thursdays
Lucky Dates – 13, 20, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Amber


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