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Your May Horoscope Is Creating Some Commotion

Get ready for mayhem this spring thanks to retrograde activity that’s sparking rapid changes in relationships, jobs, travel and even home life for some.

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This May, Venus will transit through its own house, Taurus. Mercury, the planet of communication, messaging, and commerce, will remain debilitated till the 10th and combust after 26th. Jupiter and Saturn will remain retrograde. Mars enters Capricorn, its sign of exaltation.

This month, four planets in the zodiac will be moving in retrograde motion, therefore, you should be ready for some dramatic changes in your life. Things begin to change more rapidly than you expect, some good and some bad, which may surprise or leave you stunned. You may have to do some unexpected travel. A change of job or home cannot be ruled out. Some of you could move into a new relationship or marital alliance. The point of this change is to make you understand that nothing in life is fixed.

As you move on your path of self-discovery, you learn to get rid of false life structures and get closer to knowing yourself and your true values. The more entrenched you are in a phony lifestyle, the more disruptive this month can be. Now is the time to get rid of false beliefs that hinder your growth. The walls that bind you must be broken before you achieve enlightenment.

Your spiritual mantra for the month of May is “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha,” which translates to “I invoke the energy of remover of all obstacles.”


Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. Its symbol is the Bull. It represents strength, persistence, stubbornness and determination. Its ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of beauty; it also represents art, loyalty, creativity, popularity and courage.

As Venus is the ruling planet, the native will be good looking and have a charming personality. Since Venus influences this sign enormously, the person born under this sign loves treasure and life’s pleasure. Most of Taurus born natives are successful in whatever they do. They achieve success and fame through their own talents, association with people at high places or marriage. They possess great creativity and can express themselves in many different ways. Their creativity may show up in writing, music, painting, and/or theater. They are very fashionable and like to follow latest trends. They are well organized and have a practical sense of survival, which can get them through life’s challenges and roadblocks easily.

The Taurus male stands at a short to middle stature, and has features such as a broad forehead, bright eyes, thick and stout neck, clear complexion and a well-developed body. He is loyal, dependable, and patient, but can be violent and unrelenting when provoked. He is devoted to his partner and is reliable, generous and faithful. He is practical, but not romantic. He also lacks in making decisions, however, he enjoys a good life with many luxuries and comforts. He loves a peaceful atmosphere and relaxed life. Sexual attachment is a prominent attribute and even temporary separation can feel unbearable. Those born under the Kritika and Mrigasira star can be a little rash, but those born under the Rohini star are fond of easy living and royal life. He is a foodie and loves different cuisines and will go to great lengths to satisfy his tastebuds. He likes to begin his life ventures small as he knows how to climb the ladder of success very magnificently.

A Taurus woman is an idealist who values truth and justice. She is loyal and devoted to the person she loves. She has attractive features and will receive attention even in a large crowd. She is an adventurer and not afraid of living life to the fullest. She is courageous and not afraid to take risks. As planet Venus governs her, she has special interest in art, music and painting. Her home is a reflection of Venus, as she keeps it beautiful, clean and tidy. She enjoys her daily routine and, therefore, she generally resists change. She can be at one place for a long time. A Taurus woman has a wide range of career interests. She can be a good teacher, instructor. She can also work and be successful in the area of finance. She is most suited in work related to the arts, fashion, entertainment. She is exceptionally good in client services and public relations.

The mantra of remaining physically and mentally fit this month is to kick your depression. It will enable you to relax. You should keep in mind that stress only brings mental tension, depriving us the enjoyment of life. Onf the professional front this month, you are likely to get an opportunity to exhibit your talent. It would be in your best interest to show people what you do best. You may be highly benefited if you set goals and then develop strategies to execute them. Project managers will also be successful in executing their ambitious plans.

Toward the end of the month you are likely to enjoy an eye-to-eye romance with a dazzling beauty. To experience the ecstasies of love and enable yourself to take it to newer heights, go to a lovely and serene environment for a perfect twosome. Breathe in the air that will make your beloved sway in the magic of love.

Lucky Days – Saturdays
Lucky Dates – 5, 12, 24
Lucky Gemstone – Blue Sapphire

Aries Celebrity: Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham, George Clooney, Billy Joel, Dev Patel, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Jack Nicholson, Janet Jackson, Bono, Uma Thurman, Enrique Iglesias, George Lucas, Cher, Grace Jones, Willie Nelson, Mark Zuckerberg, Michelle Pfieffer, Stevie Wonder, Al Pacino, Barbara Streisand, Pierce Brosnan, Shirley Maclaine, Andy Murray

Lucky Colors: White, Sky Blue, Green
Lucky Stones: Diamond, Emerald
Best Professions/Fields: Finance, Banker, Insurance, Painters, Entertainer, Singer
Body Parts: Throat
Good Points: Practical, Loyal, Dependable, Trustworthy, Confident, Intelligent
Bad Points: Stubborn, Lazy and Possessive
Soul Mates: Virgo and Capricorn



Aries (March 21 to April 19)

With a New Moon in your sign, professionally things look better and your persistent efforts and ability to make new plans will ensure success. Romance will reach new heights. To fully enjoy the company of your beloved, you must gift your beloved a book on romantic poetry. This would certainly set his/her heart a flutter. Use the opportunity to hold the hand of your beloved with genuine feeling without making him/her feel insecure. The best thing will be that your beloved will reciprocate and understand your actions. Plan things for just the two of you—it will bring closeness and help strengthen your relationship. Marriage for a few lovebirds cannot be ruled out during this period.

Lucky Days – Mondays
Lucky Dates – 1, 10, 22
Lucky Gemstone – Moon Stone

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

You are likely to handle a tricky problem at workplace. Avoid complaining because it might not serve your purpose in any manner. Instead, work on building confidence in your colleagues. Work handled with the support of others will definitely ensure rewards. Your long-awaited meeting with your lover is not likely to materialize this month. However, the good news for you is that you will be successful in communicating your feelings to your beloved. You need to keep in mind that physical distances doesn’t matter when there are no distances in the heart. It will be good for your affair if you continue your efforts to grow your love stronger.

Lucky Days – Tuesdays
Lucky Dates – 2, 12, 26
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral


Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

You will find a marked improvement in your health, as you start thinking positively. This would enable you to channel your precious energy for your benefits. You need to realize that this is the time for you to develop self-confidence that will enable you to achieve your full potentials. Professionally, you could lose out on a good opportunity due to your wrong assessment about certain people. You need to remember that opportunities are definitely there for you, but you need to be smart to grab them before others. Romance will be of the new kind. It will enable you to enter into a different world and discover new emotions, bringing excitement into your life. It will make you realize that there is a sense of wonder when you are in love. You are likely to preserve these experiences in your memory as lifelong treasure.

Lucky Days – Mondays
Lucky Dates – 4, 11, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Moon Stone

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

You are likely to encounter some challenging situations at the workplace. It will, therefore, be highly important to keep your presence of mind sharp. This will not only help you conquer these obstacles, but also leave your mark. You will be highly benefited if you make the fullest use of your decision-making trait to come out as a winner. As muhc as possible, handle these tough situations singularly. Remember, too many cooks spoil a food. For romance, this month brings enough reasons to smile. You are likely to encounter a person who could uplift your spirits and in whose company the world would appear rosy to you. His/her company would enable you to enjoy the wonder of love. Besides bringing a sense of wonder, it may also give you a lifelong treasure that you can always cherish.

Lucky Days – Sundays
Lucky Dates – 5, 14, 23
Lucky Gemstone – Ruby


Virgo (August 24 to September 22)

It is time for you to understand that always getting upset over trivial issues adversely affects the body. This month, it would be in your best interest if you get rid of this for your betterment. You should, in fact, cultivate a generous attitude toward life to make it easy for you as well as for others. Just modify your lifestyle to get immediate relief. You can experiment and see the dramatic results. It would not only relieve you from your prolonged tension and strains of life, but will also increase your zest for life. This May, promises new romance for some. Both your hearts will be full of excitement and filled with fantasies and exciting dreams. But you need to remember that to make this relationship last longer, some efforts on your part will be essential. Better to go slow and steady and understand each other before making long commitments and promises.

Lucky Days – Wednesdays
Lucky Dates – 2, 15, 30
Lucky Gemstone – Green Sapphire


Libra (September 23 to October 22)

You are likely to find your colleagues, especially seniors, complaining to you about things you have not done. This could upset your mood and create tension at the workplace. But things will settle down toward the month end when your good performance will easily impress those around you. Romance is likely to suffer as a short separation from your beloved will bring your life to a standstill. In the absence of your partner, life will appear meaningless and totally void to you. It is time for you to realize that separation is as necessary for the relationship as meeting because only by that way we come to know about true love. Therefore, feel his/her fragrance even in their absence and cherish all those sweet memories enjoyed together.

Lucky Days – Fridays
Lucky Dates – 4, 15, 26
Lucky Gemstone – Diamond

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

With the Full Moon in your sign, you will enjoy a bloom in your health. This is the perfect time to work on your past projects. It is a great month, where good opportunities are in store for you, especially toward the middle of the month. Social functions that you attend will not only be entertaining, but will help develop new and long-lasting contacts. It is also a brilliant month for romance, as you get closer to a person who you, till now, only admired from far. You are going to experience a new kind of feeling as your relationship gets stronger. You should be ready to share your love and feelings with your beloved now and forever. This is a period when your attachment will be strong. With Cupid playing its magic on you, aim to get the best out of your relationship. Get a silent reply by gazing into the eyes of your lover to know the person’s heart and soul.

Lucky Days – Mondays
Lucky Dates – 4, 12, 26
Lucky Gemstone – Pearl

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Your dedication and sincerity will be of little value at work as you fail to translate your ideas into reality. It is time for you to realize that only good theoretical knowledge of a subject is not sufficient, but you should be able to translate it into reality. You should, therefore, practice and, without hesitating, strive to give this theory a physical shape. At the same time, continue your efforts to improve your knowledge base with practicality. A little misunderstanding in your affair could force you to snap the ties with your sweetheart. But it would require a matured approach on your part before taking such a drastic step. Keep in mind that love is a gift of God—don’t let it slip away due to hasty decisions. Let this lovely flower blossom by contributing your bit to flourish it. Thinking about this positive aspect will help you make a wise decision.

Lucky Days – Sundays
Lucky Dates – 5, 17, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Ruby

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

Keeping a positive outlook will serve as a the much-needed tonic to your health. But it may require a forceful, aggressive and passionate approach on your part to remove all the obstacles coming in the way of your enjoying a sound health. In the long run, this will enable you to enjoy a bloom in health and your approach toward life will automatically change for the better. This is a good month for romance. If you are too tired in your courting and love affair, then this month, you are going to get a cure for your sweet ailment. There are strong indications that you will be successful in turning it into a lifelong bond, but the onus of infusing life in this lies on you. Although marriage is a cure for love, you will always have to serve love tonic to prevent it from decaying.

Lucky Days – Wednesdays
Lucky Dates – 1, 12, 19, 30
Lucky Gemstone – Emerald

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

The month promises great achievements as far as the health front is concerned. You will get the opportunity to devote yourself to helping the needy, which will bring unlimited happiness and mental peace to you. Further, participating in outdoor activities will increase your physical fitness as well as keep diseases at bay. But you must continue following a nutritious diet and think positive to achieve a sound health. Professionally, things look brighter, but investment, if any, should be done with extreme care. You should avoid speculation and making hasty decisions as losses are certain. This month you are likely to be a prisoner in the heart of your beloved as his/her innocence captivates you. This is the time for you to keep spreading your fragrance in your lover’s life to keep in running. Each other’s company will enable you to bring happiness in the heart, full of all the wonderful things that you engage yourself in for the welfare of each other.

Lucky Days – Fridays
Lucky Dates – 12, 18, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Pink Sapphire

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

You will have to reschedule your daily routine to give your body the much-needed rest to recharge it. Engage yourself in some creative work to divert your attention from your daily chores. This is the appropriate time for you to make exercise a part of your daily routine to reap long-term rewards. In the river of your heart, a secret love will float this month. It is time for you to make it a reality and give it a new meaning. Keep in mind that love is not merely enjoying in isolation,  but rather to accommodate the other’s emotions within one’s emotional needs. So before embarking on this love journey, make sure that you are serious about the affair.

Lucky Days – Sundays
Lucky Dates –10, 15, 26
Lucky Gemstone – Ruby


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