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Your October Horoscope—Nothing Can Stop You

This month the planets bring the creativity, focus, and drive to do something big—and succeed. The only question is: What will you do with that energy?

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This October, planet Venus enters Libra and is conjoined with Mercury. Mars transits through Virgo and is combust as it gets close to the Sun. Meanwhile, Saturn and Ketu conjoin in Sagittarius, while Jupiter transits through Scorpio.

These cosmic powers are likely to bring positive results. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury in the star of Rahu indicates the need to concentrate your creative energy on long-term goals and focus on what’s meaningful and important to you. Your patience, commitment, and hard work will lead to steady growth, so find what inspires you and build that up into something significant.

Jupiter is about to end its zodiac cycle as it enters its own sign, Sagittarius. This transit indicates the need to reassess and reevaluate your progress regularly. This way you can decide what you need to do and change to accomplish your goals. With Mars and Sun transiting through Virgo, you are likely to come up with new ideas that promise financial gains. The positive influence of stars will give you strong intuition, so trust your gut. Your unconventional approach and innovative ideas promise success.

The auspicious days of Navratri end October 6. October 8 is Dussehra, and Deepawali (the festival of lights) is October 27.

Monthly mantra:Om Sri Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha.

Pronunciation: Om shree mah-ha laksh-mee-yie nam-ha

Meaning: Salutations to the Goddess Lakshmi, the energy of abundance.



Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, and its symbol is the Scale. Librans are recognized as the most peace-loving and harmonious people and are known for their sincerity, commitment, and love for others. Being highly balanced in their approach, when confronted with a problem, they try to solve the matter amicably and without taking sides. Librans are true party animals who know how to make the best out of each and every situation. They want to experiment with new things, whether that’s food, fashion, or meeting people. Bring a movable sign, they like to travel a lot and hardly ever stay at one place for a long duration. They are charming, witty, and rarely in a gloomy mood. Ruled by Venus, they’re also highly emotional and sensitive. They have a strong desire for love, compassion, and understanding, yet because they’re an idealistic sign, it’s hard to satisfy Libran natives.

A Libran male is strongly built, with a magnetic personality and sense of humor that pulls a crowd at any social event. Being highly creative, he’s interested in acting and music and is a great entertainer. He also enjoys a large social circle and makes a good host. A Libran man is highly fashion-conscious and has high taste. He has very strong humanitarian qualities and expresses them in a very positive way. Being ambitious, he works hard to achieve his results. However, a Libran male should not undertake more responsibility then he can handle, preferably seeking balance between work and free time.

A Libran woman is the most feminine sign of the Zodiac. She is graceful, elegant, charming, sensitive, stylish, multitalented, and stands out in the crowd. She loves perfection, and this is manifested in everything she does. She also has great appreciation for art and surrounds herself with beautiful things. However, a Libran woman is hard to please because she cannot accept anything below her standards. If you win her favor, she is highly devoted in a relationship and is a good wife and mother. Her enormous talents give her exceptional strength. She can excel as a singer, artist, entertainer, or fashion designer, and also in finance and management.

A Libran can be trusted with a secret. With new moon in Libra this October, you will make new friends, and the relationships you establish at work will be lasting and lead to favorable results. With planets in your favor, gains from past and recent investments cannot be ruled out, but unless you spend sensibly, you are likely to remain in a financial crunch. If you have children, you will provide them with nothing but the best, and those with a spouse can expect thrilling news later in the month. Distant journeys, maybe overseas for some, will be highly pleasurable and rewarding. A spiritual person provides solace and mental peace.

Lucky Days – Friday
Lucky Dates – 2, 12, 18, 24
Lucky Gemstone – Zircon

Libra Celebrity: Will Smith, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Matt Damon, Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Kate Winslet, Alicia Silverstone, Sting, Sigourney Weaver, Alesha Dixon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Frieda Pinto

Ruling Planet: Venus
The Scale
Lucky Colors:
White, Blue
Lucky Stones: Diamond, Opal, White Sapphire
Best Professions/Fields: Fashion Designing, Beauty Parlor, Finance, Restaurant, Entertainer
Body Parts: Genitals
Good Points: Creative, Peace-Loving, Affectionate, Artistic, Fun-Loving
Bad Points: Erratic, Lazy, Unwise
Soul Mates: Gemini, Aquarius
Just Say No: 



Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Feeling full of energy and creativity, you will enjoy each day to its best as long as you control any urges to be restless, moody, or stubborn this month. Interactions with like-minded people will bring valuable knowledge, and professional changes—if made toward the middle of the month—will prove to be beneficial. Then, later in the month, real-estate transactions and new sources of income are likely to improve your financial position. Although you prefer to take the initiative in romance, your love life will depend more on the mood of your partner.

Lucky Days – Tuesday
Lucky Dates – 5, 10, 22
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral


Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

You will possess a charm that effortlessly attracts others and makes your presence felt at any gathering this October. Unexpected events at work place are likely to bother your mind, which will affect your future business plans and investments. Expect a very positive turnaround in your finances toward the middle of the month, and know that matters related to property will also bring you gains. In the meantime, stay within your budget. Renovation of the house or construction activities will be high on your agenda. Preventive medicines should not be avoided at any cost.

Lucky Days – Friday
Lucky Dates – 6, 13, 22, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Diamond


Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

This October, your inability to gather properous and accurate information will lead to lots of embarrassment or losses. On the positive side, the creative ideas that you turn into reality will have long-lasting results. You’ll also make good investments, and realize more immediate returns on them. Romance will flourish—some lovebirds will even venture into a matrimonial alliance—while friends and close relatives will appreciate your sensitive and helpful nature. Despite tensions and stress, your health will be fine.

Lucky Days – Wednesday
Lucky Dates – 3, 16, 25
Lucky Gemstone – Jade

sonima-astro-cancerCancer (June 21 to July 22)

October will be full of exciting activities and opportunities, as you may visit new and distant places. A rise in your confidence and determination enables you to handle difficult tasks with ease. Interactions with people at parties and clubs you frequent will lead to stronger relationships. Some will find new romance and immensely enjoy the time they spend with that special person. You’ll spend more on entertainment and make valuable purchases for the house. Despite your hectic schedule, your health will be fine.

Lucky Days – Monday
Lucky Dates – 6, 11, 19, 28
Lucky Gemstone – Moon Stone


Leo (July 23 to August 22)

This October, your planets shine brightly, bringing success and prosperity on every venture you undertake. The organization you work for will undergo a few changes that strengthen your position in your group. New friends and interesting conversations will help improve your intellectual mind. Matrimonial alliance seems likely for some, and children will bring happy news later in the month.

Lucky Days – Thursday
Lucky Dates – 3, 16, 21
Lucky Gemstone – Garnet


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

This month, you will be highly religious and take special interest in social reforms. The organization you work for will not understand the challenging conditions that you toil under. You need to spend conservatively to meet your expenses, but some improvement in your financial position is certain later this month. Your spouse will be under great stress and require lots of your support. Pilgrimage or distant travel later this month cannot be ruled out. Plenty of gifts and presents from visiting guests will lift your spirits.

Lucky Days – Saturday
Lucky Dates – 1, 14, 22, 30
Lucky Gemstone – Opal


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Your work will offer you great opportunities to express your skills this October. However, certain changes will be essential. Take extra care of the important documents that you carry while traveling, as a few losses due to theft and hasty decisions seem likely. Business people should see their new plans and ventures implemented. You will be emotionally interested in someone whom you do not get to see very often, and a romantic entanglement will disturb your concentration and decision-making abilities. Property investment will be beneficial.

Lucky Days – Monday
Lucky Dates – 5, 10, 21
Lucky Gemstone – Pearl


Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

You will achieve a lot this month because of your systematic approach to life. You have many good qualities and are always trying to change for the better. Investments that you make will bring gains—but only in the long run. You will be asked to handle additional responsibilities and receive a boost to your income. When your spouse falls ill for a few days, it will be important for you to extend maximum help. A few loving words will make a world of difference to your relationship. Your confidence and morale reach new heights as you establish important contacts.

Lucky Days – Sunday
Lucky Dates – 6, 12, 18
Lucky Gemstone – Yellow Sapphire


Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

This month, your employer will have high expectations from you, adding tremendous pressure. Financial gains are certain, but do not share your business plans with people who have little to do with you, and avoid partnerships as much as possible. Romantically, your spouse will look after you well. The two of you will enjoy living and traveling together, and your strong relationship will strengthen throughout the month. If you have any legal problems, they will get sorted out to your satisfaction.

Lucky Days – Saturday
Lucky Dates – 8, 11, 18, 26
Lucky Gemstone – Blue Sapphire


Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

This October you will accept new challenges and set difficult goals for yourself, but you may find them hard to achieve because of your timidity and introverted tendencies. Work pressure will have you behaving erratically, and you must invest wisely, as unexpected gains and losses are foreseen. Those in artistic fields, advertising, or media will see remarkable career growth. If married, your spouse will be caring, loving, and affectionate. Pilgrimage toward the month-end provides you with comfort and solace. Take care of your health.

Lucky Days – Friday
Lucky Dates – 4, 13, 24
Lucky Gemstone – Opal


Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

As sign lord Jupiter transits through Scorpio, you will be very straightforward in your speech and actions. And with full moon in your sign, you will be in a strong position at your place of work and assume even more authority. Family members and colleagues will be supportive. Your total earnings for the month will be excellent, but your expenses will be high as well, so continue to save and invest for the future. New contacts will develop through social activities, and the relationship with your spouse will be healthy and highly cordial. Your parents’ health may bring you moments of stress and anxiety.

Lucky Days – Tuesday
Lucky Dates – 6, 15, 23
Lucky Gemstone – Topaz


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