The positive influence of Jupiter gets stronger as it moves away from combustion (close proximity to the Sun). This will help you overcome negativities in the period ahead. The Sun will be debilitated on October 18th as it transits into Libra, indicating new challenges and confusions. But with support from Jupiter and Venus, you will be confident about your moves, whether in your career or relationship. Despite Mercury being combust (close to the Sun) after October 9th, you need to keep your communication channels open and be in touch with people who are important in your life. With cosmic energy getting much stronger, you should remember that keeping a positive frame of mind and practical approach toward your work will take you places much faster than you have ever thought. It is the period to make the best use of your intellect rather than going by your instincts.

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Aries (March 21 to April 19)

With sign lord Mars in Sagittarius, you will see that your household expenses will drastically increase, and it will be extremely difficult for you to save without proper financial management. The period is such that you need to avoid wasteful expenses, if you wish to stay comfortable financially. Curb your instinct to spend, unless things are very important, and if possible, postpone spending till next month. There seems to be some improvement in your cash liquidity around the third week of October, but speculation and gambling should not be encouraged. Where relationships are concerned, you will have many exciting opportunities to be with the person you like very much and who shares your feelings. Professionally, this seems to be a very beneficial period, as a good surprise will be coming your way. A Full Moon happening in your sign will make you think intelligently and logically, your social connections will come in handy as you sort challenging tasks. Your domestic front will be pleasant. Your children and spouse will look up to you for moral as well as emotional support. Put your extra hours in helping your spouse finish pending jobs. An email or some form of communication from a distant relative later in the month will bring cheers for the entire family.

Lucky days – Monday
Lucky dates – 2, 11, 22
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

As the noticeable change in planetary configuration, sign lord Venus will transit from Libra to Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars. This is a unique time of the year when you are willing to compromise and make adjustments. You are looking for results, and you don’t want to wait any longer. You put your ideas into concrete shape and are willing to listen to others. Your performance at work will be great this month as you finish all of your projects to the satisfaction of your superiors. The transit of Venus in the sign of Scorpio gives you the ability to plan and comprehend. You take initiative and come up with new solutions to the challenges that arise in the workplace. New romance is on the horizon for some of you. Your domestic front needs to be handled carefully as there are likely to be some disagreements with family members, but you should not pick sides or make hasty decisions that you might regret later. An influential person or a professional advisor will give you an interesting offer. Be patient, work quietly, and you will surely reap monetary gains. Listen carefully to your dreams, as they will send you a much clearer signal than ever before. Foreign related matters will take shape.

Lucky days – Sunday
Lucky dates – 5, 15, 27
Lucky Gemstone – Diamond

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Once again, finance and family will be your top priorities this month. This seems to be a great period to have an enjoyable time with family members. Some investments and important decisions will be taken which will bring good results in time to come. Challenges at the workplace will remain. You will be highly imaginative, but your superiors might not like your approach and will not appreciate if you do things your way. Work pressure will increase, as you will have to deal with the backlog of papers and pending correspondence that you have neglected for so long. Financial gains are certain, but caution is required before signing important papers and contracts. Some problem with a close friend around the middle of October might get out of hand if you do not handle things diplomatically. Involvement in physical activities will help ease the frustration that you could experience during this phase. Family members will be highly supportive and will help you during any adverse times, but minor health ailments towards the end of the month may require some medical attention. Saturn will be in the 6th house and Rahu will be conjoined with sign lord Mercury, posing unnecessary hurdles. You will have to be patient to get the desired results.

Lucky days – Friday
Lucky dates – 1, 13, 24
Lucky Gemstone – Emerald

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

This October a new job or position is coming your way, and it is definitely a good one. Your committed efforts at work are likely to be duly appreciated by your superiors. This will make you feel more secure and comfortable in your job. This is largely because of Yogakarka Mars transiting through the 6th house. Group activities will lead to business opportunities and romantic connections. You will gain valuable information if you interact with influential people. Although your hectic work schedule will keep you extremely busy, your passionate desire will force you to take out some time in between work for your beloved. A friend will seek your advice, which will help him make some financial gains. The last week of the month might not be very good for your health. You might suffer from headaches, body pains, or dizziness, so try to take some rest and distance yourself from tensions and worries. Do not share your secrets with acquaintances, as it will definitely create a problem for you. As Mercury, the planet of communication, goes combust (approaches the Sun) it is important to be in touch with people who are important, otherwise communication gaps may lead to misunderstandings, bringing you unnecessary tension. A pilgrimage or a journey will keep you relaxed and happy.

Lucky days – Friday
Lucky dates – 6, 15, 28 
Lucky Gemstone – Moonstone

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

With Rahu posited in your sign, you will generate new ideas and plans. Your imagination will run wild, and you should put your thoughts on paper, so that you can refer to them at a later stage. Not all wild thoughts are bad, and actually, you could have a unique idea that could work in your favor in times to come. Expenses will rise as you spend more on family comforts, home repairs, and renovations. Some tensions at work cannot be ruled out. Sign lord Sun will be in a state of debilitation, which will bring some challenges. Some of these issues may aggravate if not tackled responsibly. With cosmic energy not totally in your favor, all important issues need to be handled with due delicacy. At work, you will be highly sensitive to comments made by your co-workers. You need to hold your temper and refrain from doing things that are totally irresponsible and will put you in an embarrassing position. Diplomacy has always been your strong point, and you need to use it a lot this month to sort out matters at work and as well as at home. Everything you do you will do to perfection, therefore gains are certainly yours. Romantic affairs will strengthen if you are willing to make a solid commitment promise to your lover.

Lucky days – Sunday
Lucky dates – 4, 10, 24 
Lucky Gemstone – Ruby

Virgo (August 24 to September 22)

This October, domestic matters and personal relationships shall be your area of focus. You will work hard to beautify your surroundings, including your place of work and home. Some personal matters will disturb your mind, however you should not overreact and make things more complicated for yourself and others as the issue will be resolved on its own if it remains untouched. This is a knowledge-driven month, where you will learn new and interesting things if you listen to people who are more experienced. Work will be quite satisfactory as you accomplish more in less time. Past investments will fetch handsome returns, and long pending property disputes will settle amicably. At the office, things will not be free of tension, as you will find yourself caught in a middle of a delicate situation. Listen to what your colleagues have to say, as following them will be the only way to solve the problem. You’ll also need all your charms and grace to turn things to your favour. You will meet important and influential people during this period if you undertake charity work. Outdoor sports, clubs, and parties will attract you. Social events will also help build new contacts. You will be inclined towards religious and spiritual activities. Your dreams will be very explicit about the days to come.

Lucky days – Thursday
Lucky dates – 3, 6, 30    
Lucky Gemstone – Emerald

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

This month, with a New Moon happening in your sign and the aspect of Ketu, you will be more of a philosopher and thinker. Everyone will love to gather around you and listen to what you have to say. In a bid to convey your views, you will tend to be aggressive, maybe to the point of being rude. You should avoid this behavior, as aggression is the tool of weakness. So, keep your calm and use your talent to help those who genuinely need your assistance. With planetary energy working in your favor, you will be highly energetic and determined. You will complete jobs, which you always thought were next to impossible. This is also a good month to finalize important contracts and sign new deals. Your income will rise during this period, but your expenses will also take an upward trend. Children will bring you some happy news during this period. An important journey that you had been planning might get postponed, cancelled, or might not bring satisfying results. Plenty of social get-togethers, dancing, and music will keep you in a relaxed and happy mood.

Lucky days – Wednesday
Lucky dates – 2, 18, 31 
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

With karmic planet Saturn in your sign and sign lord Mars in the house of finance, this is the perfect time to complete pending projects in hand. The month demands hard work, and fortunately the stars will make sure you get paid for your efforts. Unexpected money gains are likely to come from different quarters. Seek assistance from others if needed. You should spend some time with friends, since your recent work schedule has prevented you from seeing them for a while, and they will be very anxious to see and talk to you. This is also a good time to share your thoughts and send your best wishes to friends and aquaitances. Communicating and socializing with the right individuals will be important if you seek fresh opportunities. Don’t be shy to speak up, tell them about yourself, and ask them for new jobs. Working as a team will ensure mutual benefits. During this period, some of you may experience powerful romantic signals, which will make your head spin with excitement and joy. Keep your cool, think positive, and you will benefit from good times ahead.

Lucky days – Tuesday
Lucky dates – 7, 18, 29 
Lucky Gemstone – Red Coral

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Overall, this will be a good month for you, thanks to the cosmic energy working in your favor. With sign lord Jupiter in Virgo, you may tend to remain logical and sincere and follow your intellect more than following your heart. The impact of the transit this October will be positive for you. Financial gains are expected from least expected sources, lifting your confidence and spirits. There will be an important development on the professional front, which could give a major boost to your profession, but to get the maximum benefit you should also involve yourself in learning some new skills and techniques. Consult a career coach or a career counselor and seek various ways to shine at work. Children will cause some problems if you ignore them. It would be wise to handle them with love and tact. You will be a sincere and honest friend and will possess an understanding and compassion that will do wonders for people who are facing depression and emotional pain. With sign lord Jupiter getting stronger, you will be strongly attracted towards spirituality and other religious activities. You will visit holy shrines and seek blessings from a spiritual person during this period.

Lucky days – Thursday
Lucky dates – 3, 12, 22
Lucky Gemstone – Yellow Sapphire

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

With sign lord Saturn in Scorpio, some issues at work will bring tensions and stress to your mind. Try not to be too affected by these problems. Yogakarka planet Venus, which is the most beneficial planet for your sign, will transit through Libra and later join sign lord Saturn. This is a good period to seek help from others if needed. What you are looking for is how to make money without much effort. Money rarely comes so easily and never without working hard. As the Sun will become debilitated this month, it is important that you do not indulge in speculation and gambling. Also do not sign any legal papers until you have consulted the experts. Being straightforward is the only way to handle complicated issues. A better understanding with your spouse ensures peace, prosperity, and happiness at home. Budding romance is on the horizon for some of you. Take sufficient rest in between work and ask your family members to share your workload. You will get what you want provided you are diplomatic and able to handle the situation to your advantage.

Lucky days – Saturday
Lucky dates – 9, 18, 28 
Lucky Gemstone – Blue Sapphire

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

With Ketu (South Node) in your sign and Rahu (North Node) in the 7th house, mood swings and temperamental issues are likely to make you a different person. If there is any disagreement with your spouse, be polite in expressing your views. Being blunt and arrogant may ruin your relationship forever. Professionally, this is the period for growth and recognition. You will acquire new knowledge and skills if you join new courses that interest you. You will learn new and interesting things from people at work. Your imaginative mind will make you popular amongst your friends and in social get-togethers. It’s a great time to explore a foreign country or culture, but if you are not travelling overseas, then plan a short pleasure trip with your friends or family members. Past differences with someone close will heal as misunderstandings clear up. Colleagues or people with authority will try to push you into doing things their way, and handling things diplomatically will be very important. For professionals, October ensures gains, as your sincerity and dedication towards your work will not go unnoticed and will win you a lot of appreciation and rewards.

Lucky days – Friday
Lucky dates – 1, 11, 23 
Lucky Gemstone – Blue Sapphire

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

This October, with sign lord Jupiter transiting through the 7th house, you will find yourself becoming attracted to your colleague. If you have a high regard for this person, things should work out, but if you try to push for a commitment, then there could be some problems. If things do not work entirely as you want, you will still remain good friends. New projects will start on an optimistic note. You will be able to overcome your adversity and move ahead because of your enormous skills and ability to work with dedication. Finances need to be handled with care. This is definitely not a good period to spend unless you need to purchase necessities. Bargaining will be useful in helping you save a little money. You should believe that money saved is money earned. Your social life will bring you new opportunities. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice, as help will always be available from experienced colleagues and friends. Avoid borrowing and lending money.

Lucky days – Thursdays
Lucky dates – 5, 16, 22 
Lucky Gemstone – Yellow Sapphire