Andrew Hillam

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The Deepening of Practice Over Time

Yoga is a lifelong practice. Patañjali guides us in how āsana can form the basis for a profound experience of yoga regardless of age or ability.

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The Essence of Yoga as Therapy

Recovering from injury or illness can be difficult. Fortunately, yoga practice is naturally therapeutic, and when used wisely, it can create the conditions that support a healing process, taking place from within.

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The Yoga of Chanting

The origin of “Oṃ” and the benefits of incorporating this significant chant, and others, into your daily practice.

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The Love for the Guru’s Lotus Feet

A deep inquiry into the opening mantra to help understand why touching your guru's feet is much more than a symbol of respect.

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Embracing and Overcoming Obstacles in Yoga

The true path of yoga is a transformative process. Learn to expect obstacles so that you can overcome, rather than be derailed by, them and continue your progress.

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The Art of Non-Attachment in Yoga

Discover the final stage of the five yamas, aparigrahā, which teaches a valuable lesson in better understanding the Self and one's role in society in this lifetime.

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