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Am I Breathing Wrong When I Meditate?

Sonima's psychologist explains how to breathe a little easier during your practice.

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Why Does the Breath Heal?

Conscious breathing signals the body to be calm when your muscles are anything but. Here’s how to unlock a deeper level of relaxation and get more from your practice.

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The New Rules of Core Training

An elite performance coach explains how a common posture problem undermines your core workout and makes your lower body muscles tight, too. The good news: A simple breathing change can fix it.

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The Intriguing Way Breath Affects Your Workout

Do the intensity of your inhales and exhales relate to the quality of your workout? Read on to learn how your breathing during exercise affects your fitness.

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A Meditation to Do After a Workout

Tap in to your heightened energy and focus with this postworkout meditation to cool and relax the body.

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A Workout Meditation to Do Before Exercising

This guided meditation will help focus your attention and develop positive intentions before you work out.

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