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Should You Drink Wine?

The latest headlines are concerning, confusing, and contradicting when it comes to alcohol. Here's how to decide if you should pour that pinot.

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Should You Try the Keto Diet?

A new diet plan that encourages you to eat more fat—and lose weight? Um, yes, please. Before you try the ketogenic diet (starting with this keto-friendly recipe that you can make tonight), heed these wise caveats from Sonima's nutritionist.

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Your Guide to Milk: Which of These 10 Types Is Best for You?

There are more options than ever, but that doesn't mean they are all right for you. Use this guide from Sonima's nutritionist to help you decide what to drink.

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What It Really Means to Have a Diverse Diet

A recent report highlights the need to take conventional nutrition wisdom with a grain of salt. Here's how to be sure your daily diet provides the nutrients you need and the pleasure you crave.

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The Healing Power of Self-Care Through Ayurveda

After Hurricane Harvey upended her life last summer, Leslie Hendry shares how she turned to the maternal instincts of India to physically and emotionally rebalance and recover.

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Staying hydrated is naturally top of mind and body whether you're aware of it or not. Here's how to do it right, according to Ayurveda.

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Ayurveda’s Skincare Secrets that Will Change Your Beauty Routine

In this traditional practice, beauty starts from the inside out. Start with looking at your dosha and diet, then try all-natural topical treatments, like this homemade face mask, to get the glowing, healthy skin of your dreams.

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The Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Drinking protein shakes isn't crucial for losing weight, but new science says it can be helpful. Here's how.

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The Superfood Powder You’ll Want to Add to Every Meal

Move over matcha: Get the scoop on what health foodies are now mixing into their lattes and sprinkling over dinner.

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Ayurveda’s Approach to Mental Health

Strengthening your mind-body connection is crucial for your mental wellbeing, especially during these high-stress, modern times. Here's how this ancient medicinal system can help you stay calm and carry on.

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How Nature Impacts Our Health

Ayurveda has long acknowledged that the environment has the power to heal and restore. Here’s how.

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How Important Is Breakfast, Really?

If you generally can't stomach eating first thing in the morning, then you may be in luck. Here, a fitness expert makes the case for skipping the so-called “most important meal of the day.”

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The Best New Science for Weight Loss in 2018

Check out the latest research-backed strategies for healthy eating and weight loss that will help you stay fit, calm, and on track for your best year yet.

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Use these ancient Ayurvedic techniques to naturally get a great night's rest and wake up feeling refreshed.

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Ayurveda’s Answer to How to Improve Your Immune System

Try these natural, time-tested methods for maintaining good health all year long.

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