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Should You Drink Wine?

The latest headlines are concerning, confusing, and contradicting when it comes to alcohol. Here's how to decide if you should pour that pinot.

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Sonima Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Of Our Favorite Things

Showing your gratitude shouldn't be stressful. That's why we created this shopping list of feel-good items to help make giving this holiday season a little simpler, healthier, and more fun.

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The Simplest Change You Can Make for Better Health

Sitting isn't the problem. It's how you sit. When you prepare for the chair, sitting may actually burn calories and create energy.

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Can Cannabis Really Help You Heal?

As the legalization for medicinal marijuana continues to pass across the U.S.—31 states as of September 2018—we had to take a closer look at what exactly makes this particular shade of green good for you. Here's what we discovered.

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5 Essential Ayurvedic Herbs that Heal

Learn how the ancient practice of Ayurveda has been using nature to treat and help prevent health issues for millenniums.

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What It Really Means to Have a Diverse Diet

A recent report highlights the need to take conventional nutrition wisdom with a grain of salt. Here's how to be sure your daily diet provides the nutrients you need and the pleasure you crave.

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The Case for Exercising Less to Get the Results You Want

Yes, you've got to do the work to get results. But much like how you approach your career, you've got to work smarter, not harder, to master your fitness goals.

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Ayurvedic Remedies for PMS That Really Work

A holistic approach to preventing and managing premenstrual symptoms at every stage of your cycle.

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Are You Subconsciously Holding Your Breath?

Intense concentration at the office can lead to something called “email apnea,” where you actually stop breathing as you work. Here's how to notice and fix the problem so you can breathe easy again.

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Should You Try Tongue Scraping?

This ancient Ayurveda practice has multiple benefits, including enhancing your tastebuds and optimizing the health of your mouth and your body.

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Is Your Relationship with Food Actually Harmful?

Explore if your attitude towards and behaviors with food are physically and emotionally depleting, and learn what you can do to build more a nourishing approach to eating.

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7 Home Remedies Your Doctor Wishes You’d Stop Using

Heading for the kitchen rather than the doctor's office may save time and money, but in some cases, you may only make matters worse. Learn which DIY treatments you should avoid.

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Do You Need a Health Coach?

We could all use a little professional help now and then. Find out if a health coach is what you need to finally reach your wellness goals.

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4 Herbal Remedies That Are Potentially Dangerous

Natural herbs can be just as effective as OTC meds, but that doesn’t mean they come without risks. Find out which four might do more harm than good.

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4 Healthy Foods with Surprisingly Wasteful Side Effects

Certain nutritious eats may do wonders for your body but, at the same time, pollute the environment. Find out which healthy foods are disadvantageous to nature.

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