Pete Egoscue

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The Only Way to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in the New Year

Consider this new approach to setting realistic resolutions—in fitness and life—and actually attaining them.

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How to Sit Smarter

Spend all day at your desk? Here's a simple solution to stay upright rather than painfully slumped over your technology while at work.

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The 8 x 8 Challenge Workout

A lot can happen in just eight minutes, including improving your fitness and energy levels—no gym or espresso required.

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The Simple Solution to End Chronic Pain

Opioids are not the answer. In fact, you might not need any medication at all. Find out how to ease chronic pain symptoms, no prescription needed.

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Master the Bear Crawl, Change Your Body

This basic, animalistic move may feel instinctive by nature, but if modified slightly, it could be a game-changer, upgrading your workout and improving overall body function.

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Why Today’s Teens Are So “Lazy”

New science shows that teens today are no more physically active than adults ages 60 or older. Here's why and how you can help America's youth get moving again.

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Your Workouts Really Don’t Need to be That Long

Save your excuses that you don't have time to exercise. Here, we explain why less is more when you do it right.

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Why Hips Are Hurting Hamstrings

When it comes to sports injuries, the who-done-it-and-how is not always obvious, especially relating to hamstring strains. Here, alignment expert Pete Egoscue solves the mystery behind the pain.

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Want to Let Go of Food Guilt? Try This Simple Trick

Learning to stay present is the perfect antidote to negative thoughts associated with food. Here's how to let go of emotional baggage and stay guilt-free at every meal—all the way through dessert.

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Are You Suffering from Fitness Fatigue?

If your workout routine has got you beat, then maybe it's time to stop obsessing over what you “should” be doing and start thinking about what you want to do, so you can start having fun already.

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A Father’s Freedom to Play

One man shares the important role fitness has played in his life and how reconnecting to movement through Patch Fitness allowed him to continue to do whatever he wanted, especially play with his son.

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