relationship advice

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Finding the Courage to Ask Others for Help

If you feel like a nuisance asking friends for help, it's important to speak up. Sonima's psychologist shares how to express your needs confidently and accept the response, whatever it is.

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How to Set Boundaries with Friends

As much as they love us, sometimes friends struggle when we succeed. Sonima's psychologist offers a meditation practice to help you find the words to express your feelings and strengthen your relationship.

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Does Divorce Always Lead to Therapy?

Ending a marriage is no ordinary breakup. Needing professional help to move on might be the best course of action for some. Here, Sonima's psychologist offers advice to those uncertain when to seek counseling.

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Do You Need a Health Coach?

We could all use a little professional help now and then. Find out if a health coach is what you need to finally reach your wellness goals.

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