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The Invaluable Gift of Experiences

Through running across the Serengeti to support local school girls, one woman discovered the beauty in creating unforgettable connections and why these memories will always be more rewarding than material objects.

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3 Targeted Moves for a Faster Run

The key to unlocking speed is in the functionality of your load-bearing joints. These three simple movements will align and fire the hip flexors and free up the shoulders for maximum arm swing.

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A Mindful Runner Shares What Drives Her to Train for the First-Ever All-Female Run Across the Serengeti

Rhonda Vetere is a tech industry executive, an athlete, and, this October, a participant in the inaugural Serengeti Girls Run—a 55-mile, multi-day journey that aims to empower the next generation of female leaders.

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The Wellness Practice That Changed My Life

What started as a dare from a friend turned into a daily practice that keeps one woman happy, healthy, and balanced.

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6 Yoga-Inspired Moves to Help You Run Injury-Free

Try this simple top-to-bottom yoga-inspired sequence to stabilize and strengthen your body so you can run better—and for longer—starting today.

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7 Ways Mindfulness Improves Your Running

Getting faster, fitter, and stronger isn't just about how often you lace up for a run. The real secret to success is learning to tune into your body during activity to reap the most rewards.

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Is Running for Every Body?

Some people are more naturally built to run than others. Still that doesn't stop all shapes and sizes from lining up on race day. Question is, should it?

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A Workout Meditation to Do Before Exercising

This guided meditation will help focus your attention and develop positive intentions before you work out.

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