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A Yoga Sequence to Inspire a New Beginning

Celebrate the new year with these exhilarating yoga postures meant to balance the body and ignite vast potential for the mind and soul.

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With the inauguration of a new calendar year comes the invitation for fresh thinking. It’s our time to ignite. In honor of the palpable potential a new beginning brings, we yogis can use our bodies in tandem with our breath to mark the transitions mindfully. This sequence is designed to stimulate the metabolism, generate heat, and rid the body of excess. It is a playful series that will strengthen the core, detoxify from the old, and open into the new.

It takes strength and trust in oneself to be willing to begin again; starting new is no easy task. This yoga sequence asks us to be brave: to let old stories melt away, and find transformation in our physicality. Use the breath to move into a conscious state of presence. Each exhale is a letting go. Each inhale is an opening. The movements in between are yours for expression. Repeat all poses to both sides and breathe with intent.

Down Dog Split

1legddFrom Downward-Facing Dog, gracefully lift one leg long and straight. Square the hips and draw the toes back to activate the entire leg.

Down Dog Split with Bent Leg


Slowly bend the knee and open the hip. Point the knee to the sky while keeping the shoulders square.

Plank with Knee to Elbow

kneeelbowTransition with a bent knee forward into plank. Connect the knee to the elbow and activate the core.

Hurdler Pose ekapada

Bend the arms to a ninety degree angle and shift your weight forward. Draw power into the core and straiten the legs until they playfully float to the sky.

Repeat this whole series one breath to one movement five or more times for maximum benefit.

Down Dog Split


Return to Downward-Facing Dog with split legs. Focus on grounding the bottom heel toward the earth.

Crescent Moon

anahataDraw the extended leg forward and stack the knee over the ankle. Begin to lift the arms and the chest to the sky. Sink deeper into the hips with every exhale.

Twisting High Lunge twist_jenn

Thoughtfully press the elbow to the outside of the knee and connect the hands to the center of the chest. Lift the back knee and extend through the heel.

Camel Pose camel

Come to kneeling with the knees hip-width distance apart. Bring the hands to heart center and lean the head back, opening the chest to the sky. Keep pressing the hips forward.

Puppy Pose

puppyStack the hips over the knees and extend the chest, chin, and forehead toward the earth. Draw the hands in prayer behind the head and ground.

Each moment and each breath is an opportunity to begin again. Be courageous in your opening.

Photos by Agathe Padovani



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