Sitting poolside all day can make our bodies uncomfortably stiff from lack of activity. Sedentary habits lead to shortened muscles that crave movement and stretching. With these simple postures, you can realign the body, address imbalances, and feed the muscles with fresh, oxygenated blood while spending some time in the sun.

Supported Lunge

Be sure that the front knee is fully supported, and the back heel is at a 90 degree angle. Rotate the back hip forward to realign the pelvis.

Supported Downward Dog

Align your arms with your ears and keep the hips high. If you have trouble finding space in your hip creases, or the body’s weight is in the arms, bend the knees.

Supported Forward Fold

Use the boundary of the chair to expand the sacrum and lower back. Enjoy for 10 to 20 breaths.

Static Back

Make sure the knees are at a 90-degree angle. Add padding underneath the calves if the height of your chair is insufficient. Stay here until you feel your shoulders and hips aligned.

Legs Up The Chair

Use a towel or books on top of the feet so that the heels and calves engage.

Legs Up The Chair Variation

Press your hands softly into your knees so that you can create space in the hip creases.

Hamstring Opener

Try to stack your shoulders over your hips. If you cannot straighten your leg, simply stand up straight and find your legs, using all four corners of the feet.

Supported Standing Twist

Hold on to your foot to rotate your torso. Use the hand on the sacrum to create stability.

Seated Pigeon

Roll the outer pinky toes of the back foot down, and level the hips using the hands on the lifted leg for support.