If you feel tired all the time (and what mother doesn’t) you may want to consider trying yoga nidra. Unlike a typical vinyasa-based yoga practice, which can be quite vigorous and physically challenging up until you release into Savasana, yoga nidra is a form of active relaxation that essentially helps you experience a state of conscious sleep. Taking time for this type of deep relaxation can be especially helpful after a sleepless night, when the body feels particularly depleted and stressed.

Try yoga nidra for mothers at home with the help of Jana Roemer, a Los Angeles-based yoga teacher and co-creator of Mindful Mamas. This 30-minute session will allow you to find a sense of peace, calm, and deep rest, even on days when there’s little time for sleep. Taking this time to yourself will help you feel more alive and rejuvenated so you can make the most of the time you have with your little one.

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