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A Yoga Sequence to Start Your Day with Intention

Although it's often hard to find the energy to practice yoga first thing in the morning, often just a few simple postures paired with deep breathing can radically transform your day.

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Roll out of bed and onto your mat to start your day with a sense of intuition and intention. By taking this sacred time in the morning to clear your mind, deepen your breath, and choose your perspective for your day, you are actively creating the day ahead. Spend at least 15 minutes diving into your practice to start your day in the most intentional way.
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Sit in Sukhasana, a comfortable cross-legged seat with your shins crossed right in the center. Turn your palms to face up and find Jnana mudra, bringing your thumb and forefinger to touch. Sit tall with your eyes closed and breathe deeply in and out of your nose. Make your breath full and expansive and infuse a sense of intention into your breath. An intention to carry with you through your practice and through your day ahead. Breathe here for two to three minutes.

Cactus Arms


As you stand tall in Tadasana, Mountain Pose, separate your feet hip-distance apart and ground the fronts of your heels into the earth. Bend at your elbows with your palms facing forward and begin to lift ever so slightly from your collarbones as you lift your gaze up and hug your navel toward your spine firming your belly. Take 10 deep breaths here.

Exalted Warrior


Sit into Warrior 2 with your front heel intersecting your back arch. Drop down into your front thigh and work your thigh toward parallel with the mat. Flip your front palm and reverse the warrior posture, taking your gaze up and back as you gaze underneath the bicep. Stay for six to eight breaths on each side. Repeat if possible.

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Slide your shin toward the front of your mat for single Pigeon. Level your hips and take a few breaths either upright or folded forward. If you’d like to take this deeper bend your back knee and reach back to catch the top of your foot. If you can still go deeper catch your foot in the inner elbow and interlace your fingers lifting from your collarbones. Breathe deeply for two minutes on each side.

Stand Tall with Outstretched Arms

Seal your morning practice by standing tall and breathing deeply. Turn your palms to face up once again finding Jnana mudra and invite in your inner knowing and intuition and as you approach your day ahead. Bring a smile to your lips. Breathe here for one minute.

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