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How to Make Peace with Your Faults (and Those Who Point Them Out)

As hard as it can be to receive criticism, these moments can present opportunities for clarity, growth, and gratitude.

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The Key to Managing Anger in a Healthy Way

The next time you are tempted to react in anger, try this breath meditation to simply sit with the emotion instead of letting it overpower you.

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A Meditation for Sending Compassion

This ancient contemplative practice of sending and receiving compassion, called tonglen, is powerful and transformative.

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A Loving-Kindness Practice for Strangers and Loved Ones

This 15-minute guided meditation will help you stretch your feelings of compassion toward all people and beings you encounter.

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30 Top Cities and Towns for Meditation in America

Explore some of the most inspiring and vibrant meditation communities across the country—you may be surprised by where you'll end up.

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A Loving-Kindness Practice for Self-Acceptance

Try this 10-minute Buddhist meditation to work toward self-acceptance and self-love the next time you face a trying situation.

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What It Means to Take Refuge in Buddhism

A Buddhist meditation teacher shares his experience with taking refuge and explains the ancient understanding of the practice.

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What’s Really Holding You Back from Happiness?

Learn how a 14th century Buddhist text lays the groundwork for a very powerful perspective on how we can become more present and more authentically joyful in our daily lives.

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What Reincarnation Can Teach Us About Compassion

Learn how a 14th century Buddhist text lays the groundwork for a very powerful perspective on how we can become more empathetic beings, when we grasp the nature of reincarnation.

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What Is Elemental Meditation?

This centuries-old practice is grounded in the physical aspects of the world, and can help you feel less attached and more at peace.

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How Meditation Is the Glue for Your New Year’s Resolution

Whatever your aspiration for the year might be, taking time to meditate is sure to help you maintain discipline, compassion, and focus on your journey.

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How Meditation Helped Me Rein in OCD and Anxiety

After years spent battling anxiety circulating with a fierce case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, a young woman found meditation to be a powerful tool on the road to healing.

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How Mindfulness Can Ease the Fear of Death and Dying

Facing our own mortality is perhaps one of the hardest human experiences. Here's how a meditation practice can help alleviate some of the pain.

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Stop Telling Me I’m Going to Die

It may sound odd and feel uncomfortable at first, but contemplating one’s mortality can be helpful for living more fully each day.

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What Is Shambhala Buddhism?

Gain a better understanding of this Westernized strand of a meditation, dating back thousands of years.

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