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Francesca Bove

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Long hours spent sitting in acting class during my first three years living in New York brought with them a deep awareness of the pain in my lower back. My swimming routine soon became unsustainable without an allay; which is when I stumbled upon yoga. Thanks to yoga, a seemingly inevitable back surgery transformed into an inevitable asana practice. Laughing Lotus appeared in my life like a vision one gloomy day while walking down 19th street and years later I was introduced to the magical teachings of Nevine Michaan at Katonah Yoga.
Along with my work with Bill Boland and The BodyFixMethod, I am thrilled to be part of something that keeps us constantly curious and aware of how to keep working towards achieving center and balance. Movement has always helped me overcome sadness and pain.

‚ÄčIn my classes I seek to merge the importance of class structure and boundaries with the infinite possibility of freedom and movement within that structure. I am grateful for all of my teachers and students who continue to inspire and keep me moving.

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