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Jennifer Pansa

Contributing Writer

Originally from Colorado, Jennifer loves outdoor adventure and found her first spir-itual connection through nature. Snowboarding, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and hiking, Jennifer is invigorated by the peace she finds in the mountains. She loves teaching yoga outdoors in her favorite scenic and unconventional spots, such as helicopter pads and skyline patios. She especially finds sunrise and sunset classes overlooking the water to be the most rewarding. This connection to the outdoors is what prompted her to create ansa yoga™ “the mobile studio” and SoundTrek Yo-ga™ with Soundoff™ wireless LED headphones.

Jennifer found her way to yoga in college after a long backpacking trip in Patagonia. She suffered from severe tendonitis in her feet. Every step was searing pain, similar to being burned on the arch of the foot, making walking nearly impossible. For the first time, she did not have access to healthy exercise and fresh air. Being restricted from activities that she loved left her mentally frustrated and emotionally blocked with no outlets. Now she sees that time of reflection and rebirth as the biggest blessing of her life, since after she finished physical therapy she began a very en-thusiastic yoga practice, eager to gain insight on healing herself, and others.
The immediate and noticeable effects of yoga transformed her life, and dissolved her tendonitis. Ever grateful, Jennifer now dedicates her work to her passion – YO-GA.
Jennifer brings the spirituality from her yoga practice everywhere:

– the Beach
– into the Surf
– on a Run
– the Martial ARTS Dojo
– ALL Life’s Daily Challenges

Jennifer is the creator of ansa yoga™, a company that specializes in yoga for the in-dividual. Ansa yoga specializes in private lessons, special events and retreats inter-nationally. There are currently certified ansa yoga teachers in Miami, Denver and soon NYC and LA.

Jennifer’s personal practice and teaching is one that uniquely combines her exten-sive experience in Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Therapeutic yoga, and Budokon yoga to create an accessible, personalized, and empowering yoga flow. Her spiritual teachings began at the age of 5 at church where the teachings are based on the studies of Divine Science. She specializes in bringing deeper meaning to yoga for ATHLETES, Yoga for the Beginner-Yogi, and Yoga for SPINE Injuries. Many consider Jennifer a “healer” as she is led by her intuition and ability to sense and shift energy.

Pansa has traveled internationally teaching and currently teaches Ansa yoga across South Florida at the best luxury spas, fitness facilities and resorts including Exhale Spa, The Standard, The Mondrian and the 5-star Acqualina Resort & Spa. Pansa led a three-day, private yoga retreat on Richard’s Branson’s Necker Island, and her cli-ents include professional athletes and TV actors from “Burn Notice”, “Graceland” and the “Game of Thrones.”

Pansa was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal’ s May 2014 issue, inside the July 2014 issue of THRIVE magazine and most recently in Disfunksion magazine.

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