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What Causes Muscle Soreness? And How Much Is Too Much?

More sore doesn’t equal a better workout. In fact, taking a lower-intensity approach to your movement can help you combat that so-sore-you-can’t-move feeling.

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The 3 Dynamic Exercises You Should Do Every Morning

Mornings are the ideal time to create a habit that sticks. Start your day with this simple sequence that aligns the body and boosts endorphins.

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Feeling Bloated? Try Our Alignment-Based Approach to Better Digestion

Correct posture allows space for the digestive track to function properly. Align the body to reduce bloating and water weight.

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This Busy Executive’s 8-Minute Workout Delivers Serious Results

Work, travel, and life can leave us with little time for our own fitness. Here’s how a busy executive found a shortcut to better health.

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The Simplest Change You Can Make for Better Health

Sitting isn't the problem. It's how you sit. When you prepare for the chair, sitting may actually burn calories and create energy.

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What Your Shoulder Blades Can Tell You About Your Health

Dysfunction in the shoulder blades is a sign of imbalances in the spine and hips. And when the hips are out of whack, all systems are stressed.

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3 Targeted Moves for a Faster Run

The key to unlocking speed is in the functionality of your load-bearing joints. These three simple movements will align and fire the hip flexors and free up the shoulders for maximum arm swing.

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8 New Secrets to Ease Muscle Soreness Naturally

Deep muscle soreness doesn’t have to be the side effect of a good workout. Try these holistic solutions to ease your aches and pains.

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A Quick Workout to Fix Tight Muscles

True flexibility actually comes from positioning your body to release tightness in the muscles. This simple, 8-minute workout is designed to do just that.

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4 Posture Exercises to Do While Sitting at Your Desk

You need to train your body to sit with proper posture. These four simple exercises take less than five minutes and will dramatically improve your alignment and comfort.

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A New Exercise Method to Naturally Boost Your Energy

Fix fatigue in just eight minutes with form-focused, low intensity exercises. Elev8d Fitness workouts reset alignment to improve oxygen flow, and as a result, create more energy.

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Always Tired? Put Down the Coffee, and Try this Energizing 8-Minute Workout Instead

Elev8d workouts realign the body so that your systems function in harmony. Create all-day energy in less than ten minutes!

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The #1 Most Overlooked Muscle in Your Workout

Elev8d Fitness workouts are designed to activate the psoas and the hip flexors. When you return power to the hips, the rest of the body shifts into alignment and can operate at max efficiency.

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This 8-Minute Beginner Workout Will Make You Love Exercise

If you’ve never worked out, the fitness world and crowded gyms can seem a bit overwhelming. Start with this low-intensity, beginner workout program.

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The Crucial Role Shoulders Play in Running

To run at max efficiency, the body and all its load-bearing joints should be aligned. Runners typically focus on range of motion in the lower body but ignore the crucial role that the shoulders play.

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