back pain

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This 8-Minute Workout Eased My Aching Lower Back

A skeptical sports writer tries Elev8d Fitness and redefines his notions of exercise and posture

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My Life As an Ashtanga Student in Mysore: Healing Back Pain with Yoga

It would have been easy to blame bendy asanas for causing the pain in the first place. But instead, this writer leaned into her practice to find a solution that doctors couldn't.

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A Closer Look at How Acupuncture Works

No one likes needles—until they've tried acupuncture. Here's what you need to know about the
ancient Chinese practice and why it's giving new meaning to these sharp objects.

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The Surprising Muscle Weakness Linked to Back Pain

Science says your back pain could really be the result of your derrière not doing its job. Here’s how to engage your glutes more to make sure they've got your back.

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The Powerful Ways Yoga Can Help with Posture

If practiced with attention and care, yoga can have significant positive effects on posture and alignment.

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A Pilates Sequence to Sculpt Your Abs from All Angles

Try this core-activating Pilates workout at home or after your typical exercise routine to tighten the abs and increase muscle stamina.

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6 Yoga-Inspired Moves to Help You Run Injury-Free

Try this simple top-to-bottom yoga-inspired sequence to stabilize and strengthen your body so you can run better—and for longer—starting today.

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How Does Rolfing Work to Relieve Pain?

Learn more about this complex bodywork modality and how it works to realign the body and relieve pain.

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The Muscle You’ve Never Heard of But Need to Know

Abs may get all the attention, but there's another major player that is just as crucial to strengthening your core and, interestingly enough, your spirit.

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4 Ways to Use a Foam Roller for Full-Body Relief

You know that feeling you get after a massage? Your body is better aligned, your muscles are looser, your mind is clearer? You can get that same feeling on your own with a foam roller.

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The #1 Move to Do for a Pain-Free Body

The efficacy of static back lies in its simplicity. When your body works with gravity to find realignment, comfort will increase naturally.

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The Truth About Sitting on Couches and Chairs

Our habitual patterns and movements may seem innocuous, but sometimes they knock us off balance.

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Simple Stretches for Office Workers

Relieve pain incurred from sitting at a desk with these simple stretches designed by alignment expert Pete Egoscue.

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An Incredible Fix for Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain can be relieved naturally with simple movements that help improve alignment, flexibility, and strength.

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Your Back Isn’t “Bad”

The way you think about pain and injury and reinforce those ideas through words may have a greater impact on healing than you realize.

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