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6 Tabata Workouts That Torch Fat

In a hurry? Good news: All you need is four minutes. Try one of these power-packed sessions for a fast fat-blasting, cardio boost. Be sure to bring your A-game; they're tough!

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See the New Treadmill Alternative Hitting Gyms Soon

A new breed of fitness equipment may offer a lot more than the treadmill, including promoting better running form, maximizing calorie burn, and opening your mind to limitless possibilities.

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A Quick Workout for Busy Moms

When you have kids it can feel impossible to get to the gym. Consider adding these simple exercises to your daily routine to get a workout in the time you have.

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The Intriguing Way Breath Affects Your Workout

Do the intensity of your inhales and exhales relate to the quality of your workout? Read on to learn how your breathing during exercise affects your fitness.

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The Strong and Lean Workout

Add this lean body workout to your exercise routine to build strength, power, and your fittest body ever.

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The Core Challenge Workout

Prepare your body for any physical challenge with this invigorating core-strengthening workout.

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Warm-Up and Cool-Down Exercises for Cyclists

Try these stretches before and after you get on your bike to open up the body and prevent pain while riding.

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The Cardio Workout You’re Not Doing But Should Be

Rowing is simultaneously meditative, invigorating, and one of the best total-body workouts you can do. Learn more about why you should hop on an erg today.

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4 Workouts That Will Change Your Mind About Cardio

The following workouts incorporate elements of yoga for a mind-body experience that also gets your heart thumping.

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