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4 Ways to Combat the “Always On Call” Epidemic

The career trend of being available at all times to your employer or clients may take a toll on your health and happiness. Sonima's psychologist offers advice on how to strike a balance and regain quality of life.

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Intense Anxiety Won’t Let Me Sleep

If negative thoughts and overwhelming fears are robbing you of rest, then read on to learn Sonima's psychologist's heartfelt advice on how to reclaim the night with peace of mind.

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How to Make New Friends in Sobriety

When making big life changes, such as giving up alcohol, it's crucial to surround yourself with people who will support you through the tough transition. Here, Sonima's psychologist examines what it means to cultivate a community that serves your true self.

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Am I Breathing Wrong When I Meditate?

Sonima's psychologist explains how to breathe a little easier during your practice.

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5 Ways Mindfulness Can Make You a Better Athlete

Sonima's psychologist explains how your inherent spiritual superpowers can help you achieve athletic greatness.

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Transform Your Fears into Meaningful Growth

Don't let fear paralyze you. Here, Sonima's psychologist shares advice on how to face scary feelings with courage (and breath) so that we can continue to evolve.

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The Realities of Caring for Aging Parents

As mom and dad get older, your help may be more needed, but not always wanted. Sonima's psychologist offers advice on how to face the challenges of elderly care with lots of compassion.

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Does Divorce Always Lead to Therapy?

Ending a marriage is no ordinary breakup. Needing professional help to move on might be the best course of action for some. Here, Sonima's psychologist offers advice to those uncertain when to seek counseling.

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How to Read People Before Sharing Your Opinions

Your family may have encouraged you to be outspoken, but oversharing your thoughts is not always welcome in the real world. Here, Sonima's psychologist offers tips on how to gauge when it's best to speak up or just listen.

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A Guide for Falling in Love With the Right Person

Use these smart questions from Sonima's psychologist as a guide to inviting the right romantic partner into your heart.

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Break Free of the Past

As you look ahead this year, one goal may be to get beyond past hurt. Here, Sonima's psychologist offers advice on how to let go of what no longer serves you so you can continue to move toward a bright and shiny future.

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Trust Your Head or Your Gut?

When you have to make a tough call, logic may tell you to go one way, and instincts the other. Here, Sonima's psychologist offers advice on how to reconcile these differences to find resolve.

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Don’t Let Others Push Your Buttons

Certain people know just how to irritate and upset you. Remember this advice from Sonima's psychologist and meditation teacher next time you're feeling emotionally triggered.

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Breaking Up with Your Therapist

If you feel that therapy no longer serves you, consider this advice from Sonima's psychologist on how to best assess whether it's truly time to move on or this is a new opportunity to achieve more personal growth.

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Help Me Save This Friendship

It's hard to watch good friends consistently make bad decisions. Say something or walk away? Sonima's psychologist and meditation teacher offers a 3-step plan and guided meditation for compassionate communication.

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