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Are You Doing the Right Workout for Your Personality Type?

Following the latest trends isn’t always the best path to finding a fitness method that’s right for you. These straightforward questions will help define what it is you truly want in a workout.

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18 Wellness Tips that We Loved in 2018

Every year, we collect pearls of wisdom from top experts on the frontlines of meditation, health, fitness, and nutrition. Here are our favorite insights that have most transformed the way we breathed, lived, and moved in 2018.

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The Invaluable Gift of Experiences

Through running across the Serengeti to support local school girls, one woman discovered the beauty in creating unforgettable connections and why these memories will always be more rewarding than material objects.

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How Your Feelings Affect Your Workout

Six smart ways to reset a wandering mind, so that you can get more out of your workout without actually working harder.

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3 Unique Ways to Overcome Fitness Obstacles

Your dream body doesn't need to be just a dream. Make it a reality with a simple shift in your approach to exercise. Here's how.

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