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How to Make Quesadillas Kids Will Love

This fun, easy, and cheesy recipe makes a perfect snack or small meal and will please people of all ages.

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The Truth About Raw Milk

Before you join the raw milk revolution, learn the facts about unpasteurized dairy products and why the U.S. government is so against them.

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Lentil and Rice Bowl with Tomato-Cucumber Salad

Nourish your body with a hearty bowl of lentils and rice topped with a vibrant blend of tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions.

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Quick and Delicious Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Kids will love this delicious egg and cheese sandwich and breakfast parfait, especially because they're simple enough for little ones to help prepare.

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How to Make an Açai Bowl at Home

Savor the sweet tastes and experience the burst of energy from this high-fiber, vitamin-filled acai bowl.

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The Hidden Health Risk Affecting Our Kids

Even young children are subject to body imbalances that increase their chances of pain and injury by the time they're pre-teens.

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A Playful Summer Workout for People of All Ages

This play-based workout is fun for kids and adults alike. All you need are a couple balls and some outdoor space where you can move around.

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What’s the Problem with Peanut Butter?

With peanut allergies on the rise, it's no wonder some people are swapping out jelly's creamy counterpart for other nut butters. Question is, why are non-allergic folks passing up on PB too?

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The Family Fun Workout

Grab your kids and your sneakers and head outdoors to experience a workout that's fun and effective for the whole family.

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The Kids’ Living Room Workout

Turn the family room into a playground with this routine designed to help your little ones get moving and have fun.

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The Kidding Around Workout

Rediscover the fun of exercise and get your whole family moving with this quick routine.

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