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Is Listening to Music a Form of Meditation?

Yes, but it's best if you tune into the natural soundtrack of your life, not Billboard Hot 100. Here's how to practice the mindfulness of sound.

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4 Ways to Stay Calm at Your Wedding (and Other Gatherings)

It's not easy bringing all walks of life together in one large room for a huge celebration. Here's how to stay calm, present, and joyous at any large social affair, including your own wedding.

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4 Ancient Ways to Take Care of Yourself Today

Teetering on the edge of burnout? Consider adding the Four Exhilarations to your daily routine to feel better instantly.

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Inner Peace Comes to All Who Meditate (Eventually)

If only it were as simple as sitting comfortably, closing your eyes, and welcoming stillness to, ultimately, find inner peace. Oh, wait, it is! All you have to do is maintain a consistent practice.

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The Magic of Mindfulness

The kind and compassionate act of befriending your thoughts, rather than trying to control them—or worse, letting them control you—can deeply enrich your life in the most extraordinary ways. Here's how.

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How to Feel Inspired, Not Discouraged, by Others’ Joy

When constantly bombarded by others' successes, especially on social media, it's really easy to feel less accomplished. Herein lies the biggest problem with playing the comparison game—you always lose. Here's how to win.

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Start the New Year With An Open Heart

Rather than make a to-do list of self-improvement projects, like fitting into old jeans or saving money, consider cultivating the person whom you want to be. Hint: It's a feeling, not a tangible thing.

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How to Hold Space For People to Grieve and Heal

It's hard to know how to behave around a loved one experiencing emotional distress, such as loss. But being there for someone can be much simpler and rewarding than you think. Here's how.

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One Conversation Can Help Enlighten Your Community

Learning to talk and really listen in a mindful and engaging way can change your immediate world for the better. Here's how to play your part in improving your society.

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A Loving-Kindness Practice for the Victims of Tragedy

During troubled times, we need more than “thoughts and prayers” to help us carry on. Try this guided Buddhist meditation to find inner peace and ease suffering.

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The Next Generation of Meditation Teachers

These eight young meditation teachers are so gifted, bringing a unique integrity, open-heartedness and wisdom to their work, that they've already earned a strong following.

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4 Questions to Ask a Meditation Teacher (Before You Commit)

When trying to find a meditation teacher, use these four essentials questions to vet potential candidates and confirm that you can truly benefit from their guidance and wisdom.

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Mindfulness vs. Meditation: What’s the Difference?

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but are, in fact, not the same. Here's a quick breakdown that can help you better define your own practices for yourself.

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Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

Newsflash: You've got a stalker. Actually, two: Stress and anxiety. Here's how to put some space between you and these troublemakers who keep creeping around your home and work life.

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3 Ways to Deal with a Self-Absorbed Loved One

“Enough about me, let’s talk about what you think about...me.” Sound familiar?

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